Biden Shells Out Millions On Border Walls – Not Where You Think!

Is there anything Joe Biden can't do?

Get a load of what he funded in his latest bloated budget spending bill passed last week, according to Breitbart News, which opened the hood of that jalopy:

Slipped into a $1.2 trillion budget signed by Biden last weekend is about $380 million for “enhanced border security” projects in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, and Tunisia — about $150 million of which must go to border security in Jordan.

Meanwhile, the budget puts strict limitations on the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) ability to construct physical barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border to deter illegal immigration.

“The Biden administration wants nothing more than the ability to ‘manage’ an invasion here at home, all while helping nations abroad build walls,” RJ Hauman with the National Immigration Center for Enforcement (NICE) told Breitbart News. “Make it make sense.”

Why, exactly, are we paying for some place like Tunisia's enhanced border security, which is a cost they can bear themselves while failing to build a border wall amid millions of foreign invaders rolling into the U.S. from some of those very same countries?

The irony is incredible here. Biden knows that border security works, which is why he's taking cash from the U.S. taxpayer and handing it over to foreign countries to ensure that their borders stay secure from terrorists and other foreign invaders.

Meanwhile, he spends tremendous time, money, and energy to ensure that our border wall is as open as can be. He's fighting Texas through the courts all the way up to the Supreme Court to ensure that they can't defend their border from crime and terrorism from "newcomers" from more than 100 countries still rolling on in without papers.

The latest news is that he has a master plan for amnesty and free green cards for those who slipped through the border earlier, and plans to issue an executive order, making illegal immigration nothing more than a stop on the express subway to U.S. citizenship and Democrat votes.

According to the Daily Caller:

President Joe Biden is currently considering granting amnesty to illegal migrants in a bid to act on the worsening immigration crisis, according to Politico. Biden and his administration are weighing several ideas to take a tougher stance on the southern border crisis and illegal immigration amid criticisms he has thus far failed to act on either. The administration could start dolling out green cards to illegal immigrants who have long stayed inside the United States, thereby giving them amnesty to stay in the country, three people familiar with the planning told Politico.

It's insane, given how unpopular the idea is, and it comes on the heels of this fund—everyone else's border security is buried within the budget, except for ours. Didn't we just get through a failed border bill that came about because of the public's demand for border security before handing Ukraine $60 billion for its border security? Joe doesn't care. He's not doing things to be popular anymore, he's doing things to reward big-money campaign donors and special interest groups with an interest in open borders.

It may go to show that he knows he's losing, so he's blowing up the border as much as he can on the way out. It's hard to see what the logic of his terrible moves and their terrible optics really are.

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