MASSIVE LEAD For Trump Got DEMs Worried (VIDEO)

By Townhall. It may be a little too soon to start popping the champagne bottles, but with less than seven months until the 2024 presidential election, things are looking good for former President Donald Trump.

A recent Rasmussen poll found that Trump holds an eight-point lead over President Joe Biden— whose campaign is like looking down a black hole of nothing.

Currently, Trump has secured 49 percent of support, while Biden sits at just 41 percent.

Recent polls are forcing Democrats to face reality, admitting that they are prepared to lose in the November election.

Democrat fundraiser John Morgan admitted that he is nervous voters won’t come through for Biden as Trump continues to gain steam in the race. (Read more from “Trump Takes Massive Lead Over Biden, Sending Democrats Into a Downward Spiral of Worry” HERE)


CNN Guest Fact-Checks Wolf Blitzer in Real Time for Pushing Biden Narrative About Trump’s Words: ‘I Listened to the Tape’

By The Blaze. Republican Scott Jennings called out CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday for taking Donald Trump’s remarks about immigrants out of context.

On Tuesday, the Biden campaign posted a seven-second clip of remarks Trump made during a stop in Michigan, ripping the comments out of their context to misrepresent what Trump was saying. The campaign made it appear as if Trump had described all immigrants as “animals.” . . .

“Isn’t that brutal? Shouldn’t people be condemning that?” Blitzer asked.

Jennings not only answered the question, but he informed Blitzer that he was misrepresenting Trump’s remarks.

“I listened to the entire tape. He was specifically talking about the person who murdered Laken Riley in Georgia,” Jennings pointed out.

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