Hypocrisy Alert: Judge Luttig Rages at Trump

As former President Ronald Reagan might say, there they go again.

Over there at Fox News is this headline:

MSNBC host angrily throws her script during show in reaction to Trump calling out judge’s daughter

Trump suggested Judge Merchan was kowtowing to his daughter’s interests as a Democratic political consultant

The story reports:

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace angrily threw her script off to the side during her live show on Friday while discussing former President Trump’s calling out a judge’s daughter on social media.

“So, you know, it’s time to do something different,” Wallace said as she tossed her script to the side. “Like, we’re not going to have this conversation again! I have come on the air with breaking news about requests for gag orders because of threats for judges and their kids more times than I could count today before I got ready.”

Wallace, who was joined by former federal Judge Michael Luttig, MSNBC’s John Heilman, Lisa Rubin, and Glenn Kirschner, raged at the former president and said he enlisted the “highest court in the land” to delay “every federal criminal trial.”

“Donald Trump brazenly and repeatedly attacks, not just judges,” she said. “Judges don’t have Secret Service protecting them.” …

“We all have to understand that from the first time that the former president began his attacks —virtual attacks — on the federal courts, the state courts and their judges, his objective was to delegitimize those courts so that when and if they ruled against him in the various matters that he’s been charged with, then at least his followers, if not a good part of the nation, would dismiss those rulings against him as having been politically inspired and motivated,” he said….

Manhattan prosecutors asked a judge to clarify a gag order imposed on Trump on Friday following social media posts by the former commander-in-chief that criticized the judge’s daughter.

Got that?

Wallace and Luttig are infuriated because Donald Trump attacked the daughter of a federal judge ruling on one of his cases. The cause: the daughter’s decidedly far-left, anti-Trump political activism. (READ MORE: The Corporate Media Mocks ‘Double Haters’)

Might we talk about selective outrage?

Who, exactly, set the precedent for calling out the family members of judges because of their political activism?

Can anyone say “Ginni Thomas”?

Here is a headline from the New York Times back there in 2022:

Justice Thomas Ruled on Election Cases. Should His Wife’s Texts Have Stopped Him?

The nature of the text messages was enough to require recusal, legal experts said. But the Supreme Court has traditionally left such decisions to the discretion of the justice in question.

The story reported:

WASHINGTON — The disclosure that Virginia Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, had sent a barrage of text messages to the Trump White House urging efforts to overturn the 2020 election brought into sharp focus the conflict of interest her political activism has created — and the lack of a clear-cut remedy.

It is one thing, experts in legal ethics said on Friday, for the spouse of a Supreme Court justice to express political views, even ones shot through with wild conspiracy theories. That may not by itself require the justice’s recusal from cases touching on those views.

But the text messages from Ms. Thomas, a longtime conservative activist who goes by Ginni, revealed something quite different and deeply troubling, experts said.

The messages from Ms. Thomas to Mark Meadows, President Donald J. Trump’s chief of staff, sent during and just after the fraught weeks between the 2020 presidential election and the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, demonstrated that she was an active participant in shaping the legal effort to overturn the election.

In other words,?

In other words, it’s A-OK to attack a Supreme Court justice and his family because of conservative political activism — Justice Thomas’ wife in this instance. But if former President Trump takes a page from the Left’s playbook and calls out the far-left activism of a judge’s daughter — a judge sitting on his case—then woe betide the world.

The utter hypocrisy involved in all this from MSNBC’s Wallace and Judge Luttig is enough to swallow the Grand Canyon.

Each has done more in their respective fields to thoroughly discredit the media — in Wallace’s case — and the federal judiciary — in Luttig’s case — then most of their peers combined.

They have become vivid symbols of the problems in their professions.


But don’t expect a single thing to be done about it. Like, say, being fired from MSNBC à la Ronna McDaniel or expelled from the Supreme Court Bar and losing the license to practice law, as done to Trump attorney John Eastman.

The establishment lives by different rules. And because they don’t live by the old-fashioned rules of integrity and fairness? That means nothing. Not a fireable offense.

Got it.

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