Losing Votes – Longtime DEM Spreads PANIC

Democratic leaders have always used phoniness and fear-mongering to push their toxic ideas. Then, once implemented, those ideas have made everything worse.

Now, young voters — particularly black and Hispanic voters — have begun to notice. And polls indicate that many of those young people intend to vote for former President Donald Trump in November — prompting veteran Democratic operative James Carville to sound the alarm.

“It’s horrifying, our numbers among younger voters,” Carville said in a clip shared Monday on the social media platform X.

The longtime party strategist then noted that the problem looks most ominous among “younger people of color, particularly males.”

“We’re not shedding them,” he said. “They’re leaving in the droves.”

Carville made those comments in a video added to YouTube on Sunday. Politicon, which produces the “Politics War Room with James Carville and Al Hunt” podcast each Thursday, posted the video.

A lifelong political consultant who rose to fame as the strategist who helped Bill Clinton win the 1992 presidential election, Carville accurately diagnosed the current Democrats’ problem with younger black and Hispanic voters.

Of course, political consultants tend to see things in cosmetic terms. Thus, he predictably argued that Democrats have a messaging problem.

For one thing, Carville spent the first part of the video talking about things like football, burgers, and beer.

Adorned in an LSU Tigers sweatshirt and ballcap — the 79-year-old is an alumnus and taught at his alma mater until recently — Carville even employed a baseball analogy, claiming that Democrats lack “plate discipline.”

In other words, they react to things that do not matter. And like a hitter who swings at everything, they strike out too often.

“Liberals, or whatever, left-of-center people, can’t — they can never let a pitch go,” he said. “Whatever you throw them, they will swing at.”

It sounded like political wisdom. And no doubt it would appear that way to star-struck young consultants at some inside-the-Beltway professional conference. But it meant nothing.

Carville, in fact, had nothing of substance to offer because Democrats have nothing of substance to offer. He had no choice, therefore, but to supplement his phoniness with paternalistic fear-mongering.

“But if Trump wins, I want you to understand what you have at stake in this election,” he said, wagging his finger at the camera and even gritting his teeth as if to scold the young, nonwhite voters his party continues to alienate through such condescending theatrics.

Then, Carville went on an unhinged rant about the younger conservative judges Trump would appoint.

“For the next 35 years of your life — of your life — they’re gonna do nothing but f*** with you. Alright, forget birth control pills, forget reproductive rights, forget environmental protections,” he said.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

Of course, it was all nonsense. As an analyst, Carville gave viewers nothing but the same Trump Derangement Syndrome they could find on MSNBC. And we should expect as much from a consultant who views politics in advertising terms.

He did, however, correctly identify the Democrats’ problem. Young black and Hispanic voters, particularly males, have indeed shifted toward Trump.

On the electoral map, this could mean major advantages for the former president in presumptive battleground states such as North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, which feature many nonwhite voters and where head-to-head polls show Trump leading President Joe Biden by 3 to 5 percent points, per RealClear Polling.

In short, many young black and Hispanic voters have begun to see the Democratic Party for what it is: a den of establishment phonies who pander to “voters of color” every election season.

If that awakening continues, those same young black and Hispanic voters could help Trump return to the White House. Then, they could lead the MAGA movement in the years ahead.

Meanwhile, let Carville and his confused ilk try to win them back with some “plate discipline.”

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