Election Fraud ALERT: SHOCKING Voter Roll Anomalies in 26 States

If there is one consistent take-away from the last 40 months of election fraud frenzy, it is anyone can find phantoms on voter rolls – nobody is removing enough to make a difference.

Our team runs voter rolls in 26 states. We apply time series analysis across every state roll, comparing the voter roll from 2 years ago with the one from yesterday, and little has changed!

There are fewer than 230 days to go before the 2024 extravaganza!

The “most important election in history.”

Any rational person will find it difficult to believe enough phantoms will be removed from voter rolls – in the 7 wing states – run by Leftists, with mostly Leftist Secretaries of State and Leftist courts – to make a difference – in a few months!

Is there anyone, maybe one guy, but really anyone else, who thinks the election equipment in the 7 swing states will change in the next 230 days?

In 2024, the way to stop the steal – if there is one – is to fight the entire hydra – not just the phantoms!

One must employ tactics, no strategy here, that can be effective in less than 230 days!

One must stop, or seriously cripple sovereign fraud – first coined on American Thinker – where the government is the actor impacting election outcomes.

One must identify, track, and trace every illegally funded NGO, or non-governmental agency – funneling hundreds of millions of laundered dollars to Leftist candidates, registering voters with no IDs at homeless shelters.

And while phantoms aren’t coming off voter rolls any time soon, citizens can stop mail-in ballots from going to them if they reside at ineligible addresses – which enough do to impact the outcome in every swing state.

The Wisconsin team did it in 2022!

In 2024, the election hydra has 3 heads – phantoms, sovereign interference, and NGO money laundering.

Impact all three – or go home.

Phantom voter fraud is undeniable.

We do not ask you to believe us – watch our videos, showing enough built-in phantom name/address anomalies in many states’ databases to turn an election.

Every state we test, all 26, has from 7% to 18% of its registered voters who either do not exist, or reside at addresses that do not exist, or live at real addresses – that are gas stations, convenience stores, or restaurants.

We call them addresses “without bedrooms.”

Phantoms – chased by voter integrity teams for the last 36 months – remain on voter rolls in droves. The handful taken off are replaced by brethren. It’s in the data.

Sovereign voter fraud remains a threat – because it works.

Our team performed the post-mortem for the Kari Lake election showing over 22,000 new voters added, days before the election – in one Arizona county alone. Lake was blind to this – as her campaign relied on useless relational technology from the RNC – thus they never saw it coming.

Lake lost by 17,000 votes.

How about, in every swing state – in 2024 – citizens download voter rolls every day – apply quantum time series analysis to them – and when the county changes the zip codes of 33,000 people in a single Arizona county – Republicans know it on October 3, not November 6th!

The third aspect of institutional, organized, industrial-scale election fraud comes from the NGOs and Leftist political organizations funneling hundreds of millions in illegal campaign money to favored candidates.

This month, the Fractal team finished the SMURF system – the real-time, massive, election contribution database – of every contribution, to any Federal candidate, from any reported source, in the last 50 years – from a phone – at 200 million transactions per second.

In late 2021, the Florida team sent the Fractal team evidence that Leftists were funneling hundreds of millions of dollars in donations with fake contributions ascribed to some poor, elderly person.

The evidence was compelling; we sent it to the team in Wisconsin. Those clues made their way to some entertaining James O’Keefe videos.

This month, the money laundering tracking system was moved to quantum technology.

Massive government databases may be public – but that does not make them informative.

Current relational technology cannot easily compare the entire FEC database with every voter in Wisconsin, tracking every contribution to its source – and watch money flowing from NGO A, to NGO B, then to 400,000 debit cards, each for $1, then each debit card is converted to a gift card – later all the dough goes to a district attorney harassing a former president.

Quantum technology from our team and others makes these gargantuan government databases information weapons – weapons that can win an election!

As we demonstrate, the institutional financial fraud, supporting Leftist causes, tied to elderly citizens’ stolen identities – who never knew someone made 3,000 contributions, in their name – in one day – has moved from James O’Keefe’s anecdotal evidence – to a real-time system in place for 2024.

Every contribution – from every source – to every destination – including all intermediate steps – for the last 50 years – tracked from a phone!

SMURF is the term of art for money laundering – thus the Wisconsin team so named it.

In several swing states, the SMURF system is tracing illegal NGO action – and it is massive. For instance, thousands of contributions in an hour from the same credit card.

Ever made an FEC contribution?

Log on, fill in your name, address, company name – all that stuff.

Now, do it 3,500 times in 2 hours. Impossible! Unless you are using advanced computers – doing this as a bot exercise – is thus illegal.

That data has always been in the FEC database.

Quantum technology turned it into useful information – that can impact the election in 230 days – or 30 days!

It gets better.

The Wisconsin team downloaded the state contribution roll for all 50 states.

Now, at quantum speeds, users cross-search the guy who made 3,500 contributions, in someone else’s name, a dollar each – and trace that dough to a state senate race in Wisconsin.

Since the Fractal system currently runs the voter rolls for 26 states, integrating contribution information and voter information became very interesting.

With a single click, one sees the address, which is a warehouse, with no bedrooms, housing voters, is also a collection point for an NGO to collect donations. Two more clicks – shows where the money goes – always to a Leftist candidate.

Data is multiplicative.

One domain database is like a street map.

With two or three databases, you have a relief map with hills and valleys.

Four or 5 databases, cross-searched at quantum speeds – is a live movie of money laundering gone wild – from warehouses to candidates who have been taking this dough for 20 years.

It’s way too late to keep screwing around chasing phantoms.

With fewer than 230 days to go, Republicans better sober up, hit the Leftist hydra to thwart the sure sovereign fraud in the swing states, and “out” all the illegal money flowing like a river through the FEC database.

Since every ineligible ballot location – in every swing state voter roll, is now known – Republicans can do what the Wisconsin team did in 2022 – stop ballots from going to ineligible addresses – and impact 2024 – now.

The time for phantom chasing is over.

Either get in the game now, with technology that can impact 2024 in 230 days, or go home.

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud engine, the underlying technology for the TSA No-Fly List, and the fraud systems for State Farm, GEICO, USAA, and other major insurers.

Jay can be contacted at his Substack: Substack.com/Omega4America

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