Congressional Allies to Bolster Trump’s Second Term

Donald Trump will do even better in a second term because he will have numerous allies in Congress supporting his agenda, Bernie Moreno, the Republican Senate candidate in Ohio, told Newsmax on Tuesday.

Moreno won the Republican Senate primary in Ohio on March 19. The general election against Democrat incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown in November is seen as key to flipping the Senate to the GOP.

"In Ohio the Trump endorsement is decisive because he is very popular in Ohio — and for good reason. He did great things for the state of Ohio. He did great things for America," said Moreno, who was endorsed by Trump, in an appearance on "American Agenda."

"I am looking forward to a second term of President Trump, because the difference this time is he is going to have allies in the Senate and have allies in the House to get the agenda through and not blocked. And that is going to be the big difference that we should be very optimistic about a second term of President Trump," he continued.

"Democrats think that being an insider, career politician is the only way to succeed in Washington, D.C.; and we are going to prove the opposite. We have a guy who has been running for office since Richard Nixon was president — that's Sherrod Brown — and we are going to absolutely demolish him come November."

In response to a question concerning the difficult times facing the American automobile industry, Moreno, who made his money in the business, said, "If, heaven forbid, Joe Biden were to get reelected, the auto industry would be completely collapsed in America and be turned over to the Chinese. We are never going to let that happen.

"Come January of 2025, when President Trump is reelected, we keep the House and get the Senate back, all these EV [electric vehicle] mandates are gone; all these EV incentives are gone. We are going to let consumers decide how to spend their own money," he said.

"The idea that a government politician or bureaucrat tells you what kind of car to buy is insane. We are going to protect American jobs."

Moreno added, "All Republicans realize how important this Senate seat is, so we are going to bring the entirety of the party together. That is my mission, and it is already happening."

via newsmax

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