Unforeseen Event Before 2024 Election (VIDEO)

In a recent interview with commentator Benny Johnson, former National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn, shared some shocking predictions while discussing his upcoming movie, “Flynn Movie: Deliver the Truth. Whatever the cost.”

Flynn expressed concerns regarding unforeseen events that could impact the upcoming 2024 election.

Watch the trailer below:

During the discussion, Flynn touched upon the concept of ‘Black Swan’ events—unexpected occurrences with potentially severe consequences.

Flynn’s predictions stem from his extensive experience in military operations and threat assessment, both domestically and internationally. He emphasized the need for vigilance and preparation in response to such potential scenarios, including the possibility that certain actors may go to great lengths to avoid a traditional election if they believe they cannot win fairly.

“What these people are going to try to come up with, Benny, and this is for your audience and for any and your ability to influence, they’re going to try to come up with things that are unknowable,” said Flynn.

“In the world of military operations or even in the world of just things, we call them black swan events. Black swan events are things that nobody imagined could occur, and yet they did. And then they have these incredibly, mostly devastating effects. So I think that that’s what we have got to be thinking about… We have to be prepared on our side, we have to be prepared to immediately respond to these scenarios,” he added.

“I think a scenario is, these people just decide, “Look, there’s no way in the world that they can win a legitimate, fair election, so let’s not have one.” So, in order to not have one, how do they create the conditions in order to not have an election? Now, that’s a scenario. It’s not a scenario that I want to have as an outcome, but that is a scenario that I can imagine.”

When pressed by Johnson on whether he was predicting a ‘Black Swan’ event that would stop the election, Flynn did not shy away from affirming his beliefs.


In his social media post, Flynn wrote, “Guess I’m not the only one predicting some type of BLACK SWAN event… RonPaul said in a recent and important Tucker Carlson interview, “I think we’re reaching this point where some sudden thing is going to happen. I believe in that theory of the black swan. Yes, it’s going to pop up, and it’s not going to be controllable.” Wake up Americans, we live in very uncertain times.”

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that former Texas Representative Ron Paul advised the public to brace themselves for a potential “Black Swan” event, a rare event with severe consequences that cannot be predicted.

During a detailed discussion on the Tucker Carlson Show, Paul reflected on the current geopolitical tensions and how he had foreseen the potential for conflict in regions like Ukraine in 2014, long before mainstream recognition.

Ron Paul, recognized for his consistent principles and foresight into economic and foreign policy, used the platform to express his concerns about unexpected, significant events that could catch the world by surprise.

“I think we’re reaching this point where some sudden thing is going to happen. I believe in that theory of the black swan. Yes, it’s going to pop up, and it’s not going to be controllable,” Paul said.

Catherine Herridge said the same thing on CBS last year. During the year-end CBS News correspondents roundtable, Catherine Herridge, the network’s senior investigative correspondent, made a grim prediction for 2024, referring to a potential ‘Black Swan event’ – a national security crisis with unpredictable high impact.

Catherine Herridge, a seasoned reporter who has covered national security and intelligence for years, had an unsettling message regarding what the future might hold, especially under the Biden regime.

“Well, mine’s a little dark,” she began. “I just feel a lot of concern that 2024 may be the year of a black swan event. This is a national security event with high impact that’s very hard to predict.”

She outlined several factors contributing to her prediction. “There are a number of concerns- concerns, I have that factor into that. Not only this sort of enduring, heightened threat level that we’re facing, the wars in Israel, also Ukraine.”

Herridge emphasized the internal divisions within the United States, which she believes could create opportunities for adversaries like North Korea, China, and Iran.

“And we’re so divided in this country in ways that we haven’t seen before. And I think that just creates fertile ground for our adversaries like North Korea, China and Iran. And that’s what concerns me most,” she added.

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