Trump Gets Backing of Powerful Billionaire

With the November election getting closer by the day, President Joe Biden’s re-election troubles are getting more evident.

Not only do polls show ordinary voters expressing their disillusionment with the Biden administration and planning to vote for former President Donald Trump, but even formerly vocal critics of Trump are abandoning the sinking ship of Joe Biden’s campaign.

Among these newborn Trump supporters is billionaire investor Nelson Peltz, current non-executive chairman of Wendy’s hamburger chain, as well as a board member of Sysco and The Madison Square Garden Company (and also, as the U.K. Daily Mail notes, is the father-in-law of David and Victoria Beckham’s son Brooklyn).

Now, as the Financial Times reports in its story on Peltz’ change of heart, Peltz initially supported Trump in 2020, but then publicly disavowed Trump in the wake of the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion.

Likewise, Peltz has supported both Republicans and Democrats in the past.

The New York Post noted that Peltz gave $300,000 to Republicans in 2023, and $600,000 to Republican and conservative causes in 2022.

But, Peltz also voted for Bill Clinton in 1996 and Al Gore in 2000, and donated to Democratic causes in 2022, the Post reported.

However, despite this bipartisan history, Peltz is not particularly enthused to vote for Trump this time around, telling the Financial Times, “It will probably be Trump, and I’m not happy about that.”

According to the Financial Times, Peltz thought the concerns about Biden’s mental fitness superseded his reservations regarding Trump’s actions in January 2021.

“I don’t know what [Biden] knows, and I don’t know what he doesn’t know,” Peltz said, according to the Financial Times. “I don’t know who’s speaking for him, and that’s troubling.”

The president’s “mental condition is really scary,” he said.

That seems to be Peltz’s primary concern, illustrating the primary obstacle Biden faces in swaying voters to his side.

From the innumerable public gaffes the public has witnessed over the past few years, to Biden’s troublingly light schedule, to the ridiculous orthopedic shoes he’s been forced to wear so he doesn’t fall up the stairs, Biden has deteriorated in front of the American people’s eyes.

Peltz's thoughts on the matter are indicative of the feelings of most of the rest of the country.

Biden’s cognitive abilities have clearly faded, and for the leader of the most powerful country in the free world to be unable to remember when he became president, or when his beloved son died, is a terrible look.

While Biden’s cognitive impairment seems to have been the primary motivator for Peltz, his newfound support for Trump also came from another major concern haunting Biden’s campaign.

Like much of the rest of America, his reluctant support of Trump was motivated by concerns about illegal immigration.

“We can’t go on letting everyone into this country …,” Peltz said, according to the Financial Times. “We have an immigration problem — it’s not a Republican or Democrat problem…I want some boundaries put on it so we know at least who we’re bringing in.”

Peltz has only expressed what Americans currently think.

With the rise of violent crimes against American citizens by illegal immigrants, Americans are rightly concerned about the security measures at our southern border.

Americans want a president who will close the border and ensure Americans can feel safe going about their lives.

We don’t want to have to wonder if we’ll be murdered in cold blood simply trying to go on a run, or fired from the jobs to make room for illegal immigrants.

That said, Peltz has not decided whether or not he will financially support Trump.

But, the concerns he expressed in the interview with the Financial Times are indicative of how many moderates and erstwhile Democrats view the current administration.

There are many people who don’t love Trump, but cannot bring themselves to vote for Biden thanks to his advanced age and the absolute disaster his administration has created on the southern border.

Peltz’s defection is indicative of a trend that bodes well for Trump.

And if Peltz decides to give money to Trump’s campaign, so much the better.

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