Trump-Backed Candidate Secures Senate Victory (VIDEO)

In an emphatic outcome that stamped Ohio as Trump Country,  businessman Bernie Moreno rode former President Donald Trump’s endorsement to victory in Tuesday’s Republican U.S. Senate primary.

According to The New York Times, Moreno finished with 50.5 percent of the vote. Matt Dolan finished second at 32.9 percent, with Frank LaRose third at 16.6 percent. Moreno won every Ohio county.

Moreno faces Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown in November.

The Times described Moreno as “a wealthy former car dealer who has never held elected office,” who faced two opponents with far more political experience. LaRose is Ohio’s Secretary of State, and Dolan is a state senator who was backed by Ohio’s sitting governor.

However, Moreno had one thing his more experienced opponents lacked: Trump’s endorsement.

“I want to thank President Trump for all he did for me, for this campaign, for his unwavering support, and for his love of this country. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who loves this country the way he does,” Moreno said in his victory speech, according to NBC.

“An endorsement from Donald J. Trump is the most powerful endorsement in modern political history. There’s never been anything like it before — probably won’t be anything like it afterward,” Moreno said, according to Fox News.

Trump’s support “was probably decisive,” he said, adding,  “I wear with honor my endorsement from President Trump.”

“I think it was a victory for the [Trump] agenda. For the America First agenda," she said.

Dolan, who did not seek Trump’s backing, noted that “I think it’s pretty self-evident that Donald Trump’s endorsement of Bernie Moreno was a key factor in Bernie winning.”

The win was Trump’s second Ohio senatorial triumph. The former president backed Sen. J.D. Vance in 2022.

Trump also scored a win as state Rep. Derek Merrin, whom Trump backed, won the GOP primary in Ohio’s 9th Congressional District.

“Donald Trump is the most important endorsement in Ohio, bar none,” GOP strategist Mike Biundo said.

“Trump moves numbers and helps to hand victories to those he endorses. It’s just a fact,” he said.

Moreno said the victory was only a first step.

“I think what we have to do now is [have] a fully united party,” Moreno said, according to NBC. “Understand we have one mission, which is to get rid of Sherrod Brown.”

“We have an opportunity now to retire the old commie, and send him to a retirement home and save this country because that’s what we’re going to do,” Moreno said in speaking of Brown, according to the Associated Press.

Brown is President Joe Biden’s “absolute enabler” in the Senate and a “lapdog” for Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, he said.

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