Senate Faces Opposition from MAGA Republicans

Abipartisan funding bill meant to avert a looming government shutdown was put forward in the Senate on Tuesday and swiftly drew the ire of various MAGA Republicans.

The United States government is barreling towards a shutdown at the end of the month as the deadline approaches without a firm funding deal in sight. The process of approving a new government spending bill has been held up considerably by the further-right MAGA-aligned members of the House GOP, who have refused to support bills that continue to provide funding for things like aid to Ukraine and the investigation into Donald Trump by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

On Tuesday, a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the U.S. government was agreed upon in the Senate, with support from both Democrats and Republicans in the chamber. The resolution would keep the government funded through a new deadline of November 17 and would notably provide roughly $6 billion in funding for aid to Ukraine, as well as another $6 billion for disaster relief. This CR has been described as a temporary solution to buy Congress more time to negotiate on a new years-long funding agreement and is slated for a test vote late on Thursday.

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