LEAKED IMAGES: What Biden Admin Plans to Hand Out to Illegals

The Biden administration has a strange new ID card for illegal immigrants.

A cynic might wonder if they will need those cards when they vote.

On Thursday, Fox News reported that it had obtained images of the new ICE Secure Docket Card, which features, among other things, a QR code.

As one might expect with something called a “docket card,” the QR code will link to court documents.

ICE called it a “consistent, verifiable, secure card” for “provisionally released noncitizens.”

Such jargon always conceals mischief. In this case, “provisionally released noncitizens” means people who entered the United States illegally, but whom the government now allows to stay.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security announced that 472,000 illegal immigrants from strife-riddled Venezuela would be eligible for Temporary Protection Status — i.e. protection from deportation — as well as work authorization.

In related news, Fox also reported that thousands of mostly Venezuelan immigrants crossed the border Wednesday near Eagle Pass, Texas.

All of these incongruous images produce a good deal of confusion.

On one hand, Americans have always welcomed refugees in genuine need of asylum. Real human suffering calls forth Christian charity, no matter the circumstances.

On the other hand, why the QR codes? Do Venezuelan “refugees” have smart phones and data plans?

Every aspect of federal immigration policy defies belief, including the new ID cards.

R.J. Hauman, president of the National Immigration Center for Enforcement and a visiting adviser at the Heritage Foundation, told Fox News that the federal government now treats illegal immigrants like citizens.

“ICE is a federal law enforcement agency, not the DMV,” Hauman said. “When will Congress wake up and put an end to these open-borders, anti-enforcement programs that defy the agency’s mission and enable the crisis?

“ICE should be arresting, detaining, and removing those who come here illegally, not doling out social services,” he added.

The new ID card also includes personal information, a photograph and the ICE logo. At first glance, one could not tell the difference between the new ID card and a standard driver’s license.

When ICE announced the Secure Docket Card program last year, a spokesperson raved about its benefits.

“For provisionally released noncitizens, the digital modernization will provide ongoing access to important immigration documents through the secure card and connected portal,” the ICE spokesperson told Fox News.

Skeptics object not to digital modernization, but to what the card represents.

When a university rejects applicants, it does not then issue ID cards. It gives those only to admitted students.

Of course, the university may later expel wayward students for a number of reasons. But the card signals that it does not intend expulsion at the outset.

The card says, “Welcome to our community. We want you to stay.”

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