Trump Rally: Nasty Leftists Express Dark Wishes

Adam Sharp is in Iowa for The Gateway Pundit covering President Trump’s stops in the state on Wednesday.

A tiny, and I mean TINY, a handful of unhinged and nasty leftists protested outside of the Dubuque rally and, unsurprisingly, showed that the self-proclaimed party of peace, love and tolerance is anything but that.

The protestors behaved exactly how we have come to expect the left to behave.

Reporter Adam Sharp asked the scant few there, “If you could say something to Donald Trump right now, if he could see this video, what would you say?”

Nasty Protestor 1: “I hope he rots in hell.”

Nasty Protestor 2: “We hope he gets 20 to 24.”

Nasty Protestor 3: “The day he passes away will be a great day for America.”

There might have been more creative vitriol if they had managed to find more than a handful of people show up but alas, the protest looked like a Biden rally…scant.


via thegatewaypundit

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