Trump’s Warning: The State of Democracy in America

The former President Donald Trump just said that he believes there is evidence America’s democracy has already been destroyed.

Trump made the comments during an interview with moderator Kristen Welker on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this past weekend.

The top Republican contender for the White House in 2024 was asked by Welker if he still views democracy as the best form of government, an obvious attempt at the host to bait him into saying otherwise.

“I do. I do. But it has to be a democracy that’s fair,” he said.

Trump didn’t blink, flipping the script and pointing out that Democrats, despite their insistence otherwise, are the ones destroying democracy in America.

“This democracy — I don’t consider us to have much of a democracy right now,” he explained.

Trump: Democrats Are Destroying Democracy

Trump is right. It’s such an obvious point, but one that doesn’t get said out loud often enough – Democrats are the ones destroying democracy in America.

Just look at what this administration has done and why elections are so important. We are watching the most politically motivated White House in the history of this country, and it never should have happened. President Joe Biden and his handlers never should have been given such power.

An administration jailing supporters of political opponents after specious claims of an insurrection, fielding requests to look at parents as domestic terrorists under the Patriot Act, and criminally pursuing pro-life advocates.

The Putin-esque left has left our democracy in shambles.

“They indict their political opponents. Free speech is shot, because the press is very dishonest, very dishonest,” Trump said.

The former president pointed out that the Democrats aren’t alone in their nefarious attempts to destroy the country. The media is also complicit, aiding and abetting the destruction.

“People understand what’s going on,” he said. “We need a media that’s free and fair. And frankly, if they don’t have that, it’s very, very hard to straighten out our country.”

Libs Have Meltdown, Call For Boycott Of Network That Dared Interview Trump

How much do liberals hate democracy?

“Meet the Press” gave Trump – the leading Republican candidate for President – a platform to discuss his policies and platforms, and the left had a complete meltdown, demanding the show suffer a boycott.

Because Democrats are allergic to opposing viewpoints. It’s their Kryptonite. That, and facts.

“Our political opponents must be imprisoned and censored to save democracy!” or something.

This behavior is a trend with the left. Media outlets offered Trump a platform and then used their moderator to push fake news narratives, but viewers and employees of the network shed tears because they even allowed him to speak.

CNN’s employees, you may recall, had such an epic meltdown because the network conducted a town hall with the top GOP candidate that their CEO was fired less than a month later.

Trump told Welker that he wouldn’t conduct a mass firing of federal workers if he won back the White House, despite repeated insistence that he must “drain the swamp.”

But, he added, those working in government would need to have one similar attribute.

“No, I wouldn’t do that. I want great people, whether they’re Republican or Democrat. I want great people,” said Trump. “But I want people that love our country, not people that hate our country.”

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but that is going to require a massive cleanout of nearly every federal department. Democrats loathe our country.

via thepoliticalinsider

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