GOP Rival Gloats Over Mar-a-Largo Staffer’s Deal

A plea deal by an IT staffer at Mar-a-Lago in connection with the classified documents case against former President Donald Trump brought belly laughs from Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie.

Yuscil Taveras will testify for the prosecution and will not face charges, according to CNN.

In July, Taveras testified before a grand jury. That testimony promoted new allegations that Trump and others sought to delete security footage. Trump has been accused by prosecutor Jack Smith of mishandling classified documents.

In comments to CNN, Christie, a former New Jersey governor, said Taveras “will be vilified, attacked and savaged by Donald Trump publicly,” according to USA Today.

“And then secondly, Donald Trump will lay in his bed at night staring up at the ceiling trying to remember every conversation he ever had with this guy while he’s sick to his stomach,” Christie said.

Christie, who has denounced Trump throughout his efforts to secure the GOP nomination, said that as time goes on, more and more damaging tidbits will appear.

“This is what the Republican Party is facing: drip, drip, drip on the guy who’s the frontrunner, which is why he cannot be the nominee,” he said.

Trump representative Steven Cheung called Christie a “stone-cold loser.”

Cheung said Christie was seeking “a contributor contract whenever his joke of a campaign ends up in flames.”

On Wednesday, Trump referred to Christie as a “crazed lunatic” during an appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, according to The Hill.

Hewitt asked Trump whether the former president worried that Christie would attack him.

“I couldn’t care less. I think he’s not a very smart person. I think he’s a very disturbed person. He and maybe deranged Jack Smith should get together for dinner,” Trump said.

Christie fired back during a Thursday appearance on Hewitt’s show, per Insider.

“I think anybody who looks at what his objective actions have been over the course of his relationship with me, and what he said yesterday, they know what he was saying yesterday is just so odd and disturbing that it should make everybody question whether this guy really has the psychological capacity to be a candidate for president, let alone president again,” Christie said.

“When he says stuff like that about somebody who supported him in 2016, prepared him for the debates with Hillary Clinton, supported him in 2020 and prepared him for the debates with Joe Biden — if I was so useless and dumb and deranged, how did all that stuff happen?” Christie said during a Newsmax appearance, according to The Hill.

“It’s sad. He’s under a lot of stress and a lot of pressure, and saying these things makes me really concerned for his mental health,” Christie said.

“I feel bad for Donald. I really do,” Christie said.

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