Trump: ‘Nobody Does It Better Than Crooked Democrats’

The threats on packing the courts, Attorney General William Barr, and Justice Brett Kavanaugh are all a Democrat strategy to pull puppet strings on once-staunch conservatives, according to former President Donald Trump.

“The Republicans are against a very serious and very sick enemy,” Trump said Saturday night at the Turning Point Action conference in Phoenix, Arizona, which aired live on Newsmax.

“Nobody does it better than these crooked Democrats; nobody does it better.

“So, I don’t blame Barr. I don’t blame a lot of people, but they become weak and they become ineffective and they become frightened.

“Like it or not we are becoming a communist country. That’s what’s happening.”

Trump’s speech leveled claims the Democrats one-time talk of impeaching AG Barr and potentially now Justice Kavanaugh was just a threat to keep them from leading with conservative values.

“One day I noticed that the fake news media was calling Bill Barr a puppet of Donald Trump, and he wasn’t a puppet at all,” Trump said. “They had a picture of him with strings where I was totally controlling him. Just not true.”

Then the Democrats were organized to test, if not threaten Barr, according to Trump.

“They were saying, ‘Bill Barr. you have to go against him, Bill Barr,” Trump said. “Then they started saying that we’re going to impeach him. And they were doing what’s called playing the ref.

“You know what that is? They’re doing it with the Supreme Court; they’re nasty you see, now again, they want to impeach Kavanaugh – or not that they want to impeach him – they want to scare the hell out of him.

“So he votes along the liberal lines.”

Trump likened it to former Indiana University men’s basketball legend Bobby Knight who famously complained to refs over what he said were bad calls.

“‘Bobby, you’re not going to win that call’; he said, ‘yeah, but I’m going to win the next one,'” Trump said. “That’s what they are doing.

“That’s what they’re doing with our Supreme Court,” Trump continued. “They’re trying to scare Kavanaugh. You’re talking about an impeachment. I just saw it again this morning in the paper; they want to impeach Kavanaugh again.

“They do they want him to rule for them, and if he rules for them, they’re never going to impeach him. If he rules against him like he’s supposed to, because he is a conservative.”

Court packing was another Democrat threat to hold sway over the rulings, Trump concluded.

“They also don’t want to have a packed court, so they’re saying, ‘we’re going to pack the courts,'” Trump said. “And they did the same thing to Barr; ‘they said Trump controls him.’

“As soon as I saw that, I said, ‘here we go.’ Because how does he get out of that? Very simply, just do things like say, ‘the vote wasn’t rigged.’ And he stopped them from doing [election fraud investigations], and I’m so saddened by it.”

via www.madpatriotnews

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