Biden Has Spent $2 Billion Stopping Construction of Trump’s Border Wall

President Joe Biden halted construction of a physical barricade at the southern border on day one of his administration, and has reportedly spent $2 billion to achieve that goal.

A report by Republicans on the Senate subcommittee on Government Operations and Border Management explained the significant taxpayer expense.

“President Biden’s efforts to suspend or terminate border wall construction have cost taxpayers between $1.837 billion to $2.087 billion since January 20, 2021. This amount continues to increase by at least $3 million per day,” the report states.

If the project was paused, where is that money going?

“The Biden Administration is paying contractors at least $3 million per day to guard steel, concrete, and other materials in the desert,” the report states.

Even when many Americans thought that bureaucratic incompetence could not be more apparent, the Biden White House manages to surpass expectations.

The report from the subcommittee notably adds that while the Biden administration said that it would conduct a 60-day “study” of border wall construction, the Department of Homeland Security has not made the findings public almost six months later.

“It’s been 180 days since Biden halted border wall construction to ‘study’ the wall. The report was due 120 days ago & no one has seen it. @JoeBiden where is your report?” Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford, who is the ranking Republican on the subcommittee, wrote in a Twitter post last week.

“It’s time to put Americans first. Stop wasting tax dollars and finish the wall.”

Shortly after the report was released, the hard-hit Rio Grande Valley sector of the border alone dealt with 20,000 migrant apprehensions this weekend, sector chief Agent Brian Hastings wrote in a Twitter post on Sunday.

That’s added to the million-plus illegal immigrants caught crossing the border in 2021 overall, Hastings wrote.

The White House has continued to be willfully ignorant about the crisis at the border, and probably understands that any concession regarding the wall would be considered a political defeat.

By taking little action to stop the massive flow of migrants, the Biden administration has made it likely that would-be immigrants from all corners of the world are seeing an opportunity to risk the dangerous journey to the United States.

The sweltering desert heat will presumably continue in the coming months, posing an increased threat to border enforcement officials and the migrants themselves.

As liberals typically oppose a large budget for national security and the military, they should be frustrated that this cash is being wasted instead of used for productive means.

The disaster at the border has no end in sight, and the lackadaisical nature of the current administration — determined to reverse all policies of its predecessor — is exclusively at fault.

via patriottruthnews

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