Amid audits, poll reveals good chunk of DEMOCRATS now doubt Biden won election fairly

As the dust settles in the wake of the disputed Nov. 3 presidential election, an increasing number of Americans are skeptical of its outcome, with more voters now favoring forensic audits to affirm the authenticity of the stated results.

A majority of likely U.S. voters  — 55 percent — support forensic audits to ensure there was no voter fraud, according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll. Twenty-nine percent oppose such audits, and 17 percent are not sure how they feel.

The poll, which surveyed 900 likely voters, was conducted June 20-21 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

According to the report, a whopping 41 percent of likely voters do not believe Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential election fairly.

This is a significant increase since February, when just 34 percent said they believed fraud affected the outcome of the race.

In Rasmussen’s April poll, that number had climbed to 51 percent.

In the latest poll, more Republicans (71 percent) than Democrats said they support forensic audits, like the one being conducted in Arizona. However, a surprisingly high amount of Democrats (38 percent) also support such audits.

A solid majority (57 percent) of independent voters also want a forensic audit of the November election.

A forensic audit is different from a vote recount, which merely recounts the same ballots (including batches that could potentially be marred by fraudulent votes).

A forensic audit includes a thorough examination of voting machines, including:

There’s been speculation for months that fraud in five key swing states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — could have affected the outcome of the election.

Just as voter sentiment has shifted since November, so have the narratives being pushed by Democrats and their corporate media partners.

Their first reaction was to claim, in unison, that there was no voter fraud and to vehemently attack anyone who suggested otherwise.


After a while, they switched to insisting that even if there were voter fraud, it was not enough to overturn the election.


Now, the tactic is to smear anyone who questions the outcome of the election as a “domestic terrorist” trying to “subvert democracy.”

In other words, you’re attacking democracy itself if you’re concerned about the bizarre irregularities of the election, including stunning revelations uncovered in the Arizona audit.


According to the new Rasmussen poll, “Democrats (56%) are more likely than Republicans (47%) or unaffiliated voters (38%) to believe that expressing doubt about the outcome of elections undermines democracy in America.”

Of course, the farcical irony is that Democrats and the left-wing media spent the past four years screeching nonstop — without evidence — that Russia had rigged the 2016 election for former President Donald Trump.

Now, even questioning the 2020 election could get you banned from social media and canceled by left-wing mobs.

The specter of voter fraud has far-reaching tentacles that are not going away anytime soon, despite the coordinated efforts of Big Tech, the Democratic Party and the establishment media to silence anyone who questions the 2020 election.

Until these issues are resolved and confidence in the integrity of the election process is restored, many Americans will suspect that our votes don’t count.

Even those who just want to sweep the Nov. 3 election under the rug because they fear the Pandora’s box it might unleash must realize that this problem won’t go away just because they try to ignore it.

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