AZ Senate Candidate at Trump Rally: “We Need to Break Up Google, Facebook” (Video)

Arizona Senate Candidate Blake Masters spoke at the ‘Rally To Protect Our Elections’ sponsored by Turning Point USA. President Trump is scheduled to speak at 6 PM Eastern.

Blake Masters, a 34-year-old chief operating officer at investment firm Thiel Capital and native Arizonan, launched his campaign for US Senator from Arizona on Monday. Masters spoke with The Gateway Pundit a week after announcing his run for the US Senate seat in Arizona.

On Saturday Blake Masters told the pro-Trump crowd:

Blake Masters: “Most Americans don’t want to defund the police. Most Americans are patriots. Is our country racist? Is our country evil? No! And you know what most Americans have the common sense to know that you ought to have to show an ID to be able to vote. It’s just that simple. We need the Trump 2016 agenda… We need to ban critical race theory. We need to support our police. And you know what? I have a technology background and I’m here to tell you we got to break up Google, we gotta break up Facebook and we need to punish Twitter for what they did to President Trump.”

Right on.


via thegatewaypundit

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