Poll: Most Arizona Republicans Believe Audit Will Show Trump Won State

A poll released by OH Insights on Monday shows that most Arizona Republicans believe the forensic election audit of Maricopa County being conducted by the Arizona State Senate will show that former President Donald Trump, not President Biden, won the state’s 2020 election.

The OH Insights Poll found that 61 percent of Republican registered voters surveyed agreed with the statement, “Evidence has been uncovered which shows that the election was stolen from President Trump in a number of states that the media and election officials have called for Joe Biden.”

In contrast, 24 percent of Independent registered voters surveyed in the state agreed with that statement, and only 15 percent of Democrat registered voters surveyed in the state agreed with it.

When asked later in the survey, “After the [Maricopa County] audit is completed, who do you believe will have received more votes in the 2020 presidential election, in Arizona?” 62 percent of Republicans answered Donald Trump, while only 21 percent answered Joe Biden, with 16 percent unsure.

Among Independents, only 25 percent answered Donald Trump, while 54 percent answered Joe Biden and 21 percent were unsure.

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