Melania Trump Responds to ‘Inaccurate’ Report She Trashed John McCain

The office of former first lady Melania Trump clapped back at a report published this week claiming she said the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was “not a war hero” after enduring unimaginable abuse as a prisoner during the Vietnam War.

On Wednesday, Business Insider reported that Trump “shared her husband’s low opinion” of McCain’s “military record” as a Navy fighter pilot who was shot down and severely injured before he was captured by North Vietnamese forces and interned for nearly six years. . .

The outlet said that Lewandowski and then-candidate Trump met up with Melania Trump in New Jersey amid fall-out over the comment, as pundits and conservative talkers on the radio and TV opined that Trump should apologize in order to save his campaign.

“As we walked in the door, Mrs. Trump was waiting for us,” Lewandowski said, according to BI. “She said: ‘You’re right. John McCain isn’t a war hero. What he has done for the veterans has been shameful.’” . . .

But the former first lady’s office called BI’s description of events “inaccurate” in an email follow-up.

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