Activists Call On Congress To Examine DC Prison Where Trump Supporters Are Held

We broke the story at The Gateway Pundit with activist Suzzanne Monk of Washington DC, who told us that Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser refused to answer Congress about the alleged inhumane conditions in which she is holding prisoners, including supporters of President Donald J. Trump and others who are awaiting trial after Jan 6th.

“These are Nuremberg level violations.  I call this prison Bowser’s torture chamber. Please call your Congressman and tell them to go see it for themselves,” Monk told Gateway Pundit.

On Tuesday, Monk, the founder of ReOpen America, along with  Kenneth McClenton of the Exceptional Conservative Network and speaker Isaac Smith, held a press conference in Black Lives Matter Plaza to demand that Congress visit the prisons and see the conditions for themselves.

“Every man, woman and child in the DC prisons should benefit from the US Constitution, and the lives that are being held in these conditions, many who have been forgotten, are Black. We stand here in Black Lives Matter Plaza. Do their lives matter? Well, they are innocent until proven guilty,” McClenton said.

“This is the next step for us after your prior coverage and next week we will ask that others join us and demand that Congress pay attention to these conditions,” Monk told Gateway Pundit.

“The Mayor holds people in detention for an indefinite period awaiting trial, and they are being punished. There is no transparency in this prison. We have heard from people that this prison is filthy and that people are being treated like murders. Elanor Holmes Norton is our representative here, and sits on the commitee we contacted and she has not even put out a statement,” Smith said.

“The prisoners are not being allowed visitors and their lawyers are reporting these prisoners have been abused and injured. They are also being coerced to get the COVID 19 vaccine, or they must stay in solitary confinement. I have direct information that these prisoners are being harassed multiple times a day. We have had two members of Congress, James Comer (R-KY) and Majorie Taylor Green (R-GA), who have written Bowser a letter because they are concerned,” Monk said.

In the following video Monk, McClennton and Smith discuss the concerning conditions prisoners are being held in:

via thegatewaypundit

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