“Corrupt Katie Porter!” – Pro-Trump Protesters Disrupt Town Hall for Democrat Rep.

Pro-Trump protesters over the weekend disrupted a town hall event for Democrat Rep. Katie Porter.

Recall, Katie Porter won district 45 in conservative Orange County in 2018 (and in 2020) after Democrats swept all OC districts with ballot harvesting (cheating and fraud).

Republicans held district 45 since 1993, but after former governor Jerry Brown quietly changed the voting laws in 2016, Katie Porter and several other Democrats stole Orange County with AFTER Election Day ballot counting in 2018.

Pro-Trump protesters were screaming “Carpetbagger Katie!” and “Corrupt Katie Porter!” while she spoke about climate change and Covid vaccines at an event in Irvine.

A fight broke out and some punches were thrown before Katie Porter (portly woman in the blue dress) rushed over to reportedly protect an elderly woman.

Katie Porter blamed conservative Nick Taurus, an Orange County man with ‘America First’ beliefs who is running against her in 2022.

“It is disappointing that a small but vocal group of attendees, who advertised a ‘confrontation rally,’ created unsafe conditions at a planned family-friendly event,” Porter said. “While I absolutely respect their right to disagree, their disturbance disrespected all the families who attended and were ready to engage in a thoughtful, civil and safe way.”


Additional footage of Katie Porter’s Irvine town hall:


via thegatewaypundit

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