Brooke Rollins: Trump’s Big Tech Suit Case of ‘David Suing Goliath’

Former President Donald Trump's class-action lawsuits against the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, and Google will be a case of "David suing Goliath," but the team of lawyers assembled for the cases has the "righteousness of liberty and freedom on our side" in the case that will likely reach the Supreme Court, Brooke Rollins, the president and CEO of the America First Policy Institute told Newsmax Thursday. 

"The Supreme Court has basically been asking for this sort of a case for the last few years, ... they have been saying, come to us and bring us a fact scenario that we can basically update and make a decision on what is and is not constitutional," Rollins, who had served as the acting director of the U.S. Domestic Policy Council under Trump, told Newsmax's "Wake Up America."

Rollins participated in Trump's announcement Wednesday about the lawsuit and said the case spotlights Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which gives immunity to websites against being treated as the publisher of information provided by website users. 

"It has become that an albatross hanging around the neck of the First Amendment," said Rollins. "I mean, this country was based on freedom of speech. And what happened is Section 230, passed in 1996 before I think (Facebook CEO) Mark Zuckerberg was even in middle school, maybe, with the concept of how do we protect child pornography, human trafficking, the just brand new concept of the internet."

But now, the rule is giving Big Tech an immunity and a "monopoly on our public town square," said Rollins. 

"They are deciding whose voices that get to be heard on issues like critical race theory, on issues like illegal immigration, on issues like COVID and mask-wearing and hydroxychloroquine," she said. "These are really important issues to the American people, and they have basically seized the power to decide who gets to say what and who gets to hear that message."

There have been similar lawsuits, but with this one, "it is unprecedented and historical that a former president of the United States" is speaking out, she added. 

"He is saying 'if they could do this to me, a sitting president, that they can do it to anyone and I have the resources and the megaphone to say it's not,'" said Rollins. "The difference here is we've got a class action with some of the best attorneys in the country who know how to use class action to go gather the thousands of Americans who have been censored and say no more."

The team also believes that "while this is not a home run, we will be able to take this all the way and get a decision that this country needs in order to survive for the next 250 years," said Rollins. 

She added that everyone she's heard from has said "thank you for finally doing something."

"We're going on offense for the first time," said Rollins. "I believe in my heart that we will have the right answer for America."

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