President Trump: Fake News and Big Tech Are Failing

On Wednesday President Trump announced he was suing big tech giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google for operating as state agents to censor and ban conservative voices including his own.

The tech giants are notorious for banning the truth on the origins of the coronavirus, the dangers of the COVID vaccines, the success rate of hydroxychloroquine and the corruption of the rigged 2020 presidential election.

Following his press conference, President Trump tweeted out on the “rigged” and “stolen” presidential election.

President Trump: “The Fake News and Big Tech (and Dems!) coordinated attack on the millions of people in our Country, who call the 2020 Presidential Election disgraceful and corrupt, is failing. More and more people are calling it RIGGED and STOLEN.”

Via Liz Harrington.

Trump will be right on this too.

When the dust settles on the forensic audit in Arizona — and others — President Trump will be proven right once again.

Steve Bannon weighed in on this earlier today.

via thegatewaypundit

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