President Trump Asked: “Does Anyone Know Who’s Controlling Biden?”

President Trump asked last night at his Save America Rally in Florida:


This is a great question.

For one, this question brings to our attention that this man (Biden) lacks the physical and mental ability to be in the White House.  Everyone knows this.  Biden makes no sense on a daily basis.  He’s just not there.

This also brings to light that President Trump is the total opposite.  President Trump has the mental and physical abilities to be President.  He showed it last night with a two-hour event in Florida, where he shared stories, talked freely, and laid out a vision for what is going on and what needs to be done.

This question also brings to our attention the fact that someone else is running the show in DC.   This is a very serious issue.  We wrote about this in January.

Who Is Really Running the Biden Gang? It’s Not Joe Biden, So Who Could It Be?

Every day Biden says something strange, bizarre, non-sensical, or he makes a mumbo jumbo word salad.  He then tells us that his handlers will get upset if he says anything off the cuff.  Something strange occurs every day.

So is Obama running the White House?  We’ve reported on this before.  Obama hinted at this before.

Steve Malzberg at RT America Discusses Gateway Pundit Article on Obama Indicating He’s Running the Biden Camp

But is it just Barack?  Many believe Obama’s handler and chief strategist was George Soros.

We’ve reported on Soros before.  He certainly has the ego, means, and audacity to do something like run the White House.  He has built and backed the nonprofits that support him.  Is Soros running the show?

George Soros Apparatchik Lord Mallach Brown Believes “A Global Economy Needs Global Institutions to Govern It” – They Hate President Trump and Need Him Gone

And, the Biden gang was doing all they could to get in with China.  Is China running the show?

China even brags about controlling the US.

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