LAUGHABLE: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Blames Trump For Surge In Violent Crime

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a total failure.

Her city racks up more murders in a weekend than most cities do in a year, and this has been going on for as long as she has been in office.

Since the pandemic and the lock downs, things have only gotten worse. And yet, in a recent interview, she tried to blame this on Trump.

It’s just so pathetic.

Newsmax reports:

Chicago Mayor Blames Trump for Crime ‘Surge’; Calls Newsmax ‘Incendiary’

After blaming former President Donald Trump for Chicago’s violence, and pleading for people to “acknowledge” a “surge of violence” in her city, Mayor Lori Lightfoot told Newsmax the data is trending down, calling a question about a crime surge “insulting” and the questioner a “failed political candidate.”

“It is incredibly gratifying to have a partner in the White House who understands the appropriate and unique role that the federal government has to play in public safety at the local level; for four years we were ignored, over and over again,” Lightfoot said about Chicago’s crime surge during her Friday evening briefing, which came after meeting with the Chicago City Council that was spurred by Newsmax questioning one week ago. “I started raising these issues from the moment I became mayor. We needed more help from our federal partners.”

Lightfoot, whose facts on Trump were false, praised President Joe Biden and the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms for assisting on “crime gun” seizures in the city, noting a dangerous July 4 weekend to come.

“This is a very challenging weekend, historically, going back decades,” Lightfoot told reporters, suggesting the “six hours of questioning” in a City Council meeting was untimely and potentially taking away from crime fighting for the dangers of the weekend ahead.

Why do the people of Chicago put up with her awful leadership?

The city would be so much better off with a competent mayor.

via thegatewaypundit

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