Border Heartbreak: Immigration Agents Find 2-Year-Old Abandoned by Side of the Road

Immigration agents found a 2-year-old boy abandoned by the side of the road in Mexico after migrants inside a sweltering truck forced​ the driver to let them out because a man had apparently suffocated inside the trailer, the National Migration Institute said Tuesday.

When the agents came upon the truck near Veracruz, they encountered eight migrants who were sprawled on the ground nearby, and not far away, near a guardrail, the boy standing shirtless by himself.

​Littered around the scene were packaged snacks, water bottles, clothes and black trash bags, according to the institute.​

Inside the truck, immigration agents and national guard members found the body of a 25-year-old man who apparently suffocated in the stifling heat, the institute said. ​

The truck was believed to ​have been carrying more than 100 migrants from Central America to the US when people inside the trailer, suffering from the intense heat and lack of air, began banging on the walls and shouting for the driver to pull over.

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