Trump Blasts Biden As ‘Incompetent’ While Visiting Border With Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Former President Donald Trump blasted President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as “incompetent” for ignoring the crisis at the Southern U.S. border during his visit with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

“I mean the real question is do they really want open borders or are they incompetent?” Trump said during a presser on Wednesday. “Because you’re either incompetent or for some reason you have a screw loose and you want to have open borders.”

The Democrat administration’s lack of action on the border crisis, Trump continued, is “dangerous” and cannot be undone easily.

“We have an open really dangerous border. More dangers than it has ever been in the history of our country,” Trump said, noting that fentanyl “was almost a nonfactor” during his administration.

Not only did Trump mock the Democrat administration by explaining that he is visiting the “real part of the border,” a less than subtle nod at Harris’ rushed trip to El Paso last week, but he also eviscerated the “Russia, Russia, Russia” corporate press for covering for the White House’s narrative spin.

“It’s a disinformation campaign and it’s a terrible campaign where they’re trying to say ‘this is a disaster for them. Let’s blame the people that have really done something about it and can do something about it.’ But when your hands get tied because you no longer control, the White House or Congress, it’s a disgrace,” Trump said while championing his border wall.

Trump’s comments followed an explanation from Abbott and a group of Texas law enforcement officials on how the situation at the state’s southern border is growing direr as illegal border crossings skyrocket and officials are forced to “do the job that is really the federal government’s job.”

“We’re doing all that we can, for one reason, and that’s because the way that the people among the border are having their lives turned upside down,” Abbott said. “I cannot tell you the number of stories that I’ve heard from people who have had guns put to their heads or guns brandished at them in their ranches, in their homes, in their neighborhoods. They’re afraid to have their children go play in their yards. The ranchers have their homes invaded, their fences ripped up, their livestock lost, their game lost. It is a far more dangerous situation than it’s ever been.”

Abbott previously announced that the Lone Star State would begin operations to jail border crossers and construct a border wall to curb the raging border crisis and surges in illegal and dangerous contraband such as fentanyl. Last week, the Republican said that “building the border barrier has begun.”

“The 1st step is to get easements on land. The 2nd step is to clear the land for the building process. That is what is happening here,” Abbott tweeted. “The Texas Facilities Commission is working to hire a program manager to oversee the entire process.”

via thefederalist

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