Latest claims against Trump just more political harassment

New York prosecutors are expected this week to indict the Trump organization for not paying taxes on employee benefits.

Let it sink in … not paying taxes on employee benefits.

No indictments for RICO violations. None for money laundering. None for nefarious dealings with Russians. None for any of the accusations made by Democrats and New York prosecutors for the last four years.

Each of my last four predictions came true:

1. The United States Senate did not convict Trump for abuse of power or obstruction of Congress.

2. The accusations by Rep. Adam Schiff for three years that he had evidence Trump conspired with Russians to affect the 2016 election and obstructed "justice" were lies, baseless, false, fake news. Otherwise Democrats would have used that evidence to impeach Trump.

3. The Senate did not convict Trump for inciting an armed insurrection against the U.S. government. The FBI found no guns on any of the estimated 800 people who entered the Capitol Jan. 6. Five people did not die in the fracas; three officers did not die because of the demonstration, as reported by the mainstream media. One unarmed veteran woman was shot and killed by the police. One.

4. The coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan, China (an act of war against the Western world that shut down Western economies).

So, let's see if my next prediction will make five for five (much better than my softball batting average): No one from the Trump organization will be convicted for "not paying taxes on employee benefits."

Why? A unanimous jury is required for a criminal conviction – not 67 of 100 U.S. senators, but 100%. To get that 100%, all the members of a jury will have to find that:

1. The IRS was in collusion with the Trump organization by not finding that the company was in violation of not paying taxes on employee benefits. Why didn't the IRS notify Trump of that violation? That is the job of the IRS, not prosecutors. And why didn't the IRS allow Trump to pay the difference and a fine if Trump was in violation? Why isn't the DA referring this to the IRS for adjudication rather than filing an indictment?

2. Allegedly, Trump lawyers and accountants and Trump "deliberately" and "intentionally" violated the law. "Intentionally" is the key word. Remember, James Comey established that "intention" is the key to a criminal offense when he did not prosecute Hillary Clinton because she did not "intend" to violate the law even though she destroyed 33,000 emails, seven cell phones and a server after they had been subpoenaed.

3. Even though the district attorney is not prosecuting Trump for any of the charges made by his office or by Democrats for the last two years, the prosecution will have to prove that these charges are not just "fall back" charges because the other charges cannot be proved just like "obstruction of Congress" and "abuse of power" were "fall back" for Democrats in 2019 because they could not prove obstruction of "justice" and conspiracy with Russians.

Again, if only one jurist believes that the prosecution did not address all three of those items satisfactorily, then Trump and his team will walk.

Then it will be clear that Democrats, liberals, globalists and RINOs have been using the legal process against Trump to try to stop the spread of nationalism, America First, since Trump was first elected.

If so, then Trump will have a harassment case he can take to the American people, just as he is taking his case of election fraud to the American people despite the whitewash by courts, media, Democrats and RINOs.

This case is just more baseless political harassment against Donald J. Trump.

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