RINO CRIES To President Trump: Says He Supports Audit – But He’s Done Nothing to Date

In his latest letter to President Trump, Republican Kapenga moans to the President accusing him of false claims, demanding an apology with a round of golf, and virtue signaling – who is this guy?

Recently President Trump put Wisconsin RINOs Robin Vos, Chris Kapenga, and Devin LeMahieu on blast for preventing a full forensic audit in Wisconsin.

OAN’s Christina Bobb blasted Kapenga yesterday when he released a childish letter to President Trump calling for an apology and a round of golf.

What a little brat.

Bobb: Kapenga’s responds to President Trump’s statement saying Trump is wrong. Kapenga says he does support audits…so, @SenatorKapenga⁩ when is your forensic audit starting? Haven’t seen any efforts from you to actually do what you say you’re doing.


Kapenga writes:

“I need to correct your false claim against me. I never received a call from you or any of your sources asking about the election audit. If you had, I would have told you that long before your press release I called the auditor in charge of the election audit that is taking place in Wisconsin and requested a forensic component to the audit.”

This is a lie. President Trump did not make a false claim. Kapenga doesn’t want anybody to know this but as the President of the Wisconsin Senate, he has the authority to subpoena the evidence and begin the process. Why does he continue to refuse to do anything?

Speaking of his involvement in the current audit (which HE is satisfied with), he even says “If anyone illegally attempts to hinder information from being obtained, I will use my subpoena powers to get it.”

The current audit he is speaking of is being performed by state auditors who have none of the skillsets to perform the kind of forensic audit that was performed in Arizona. This audit is a very limited audit that will not find anything.

Kapenga then cries to President Trump, not only demanding a correction to his “false claim”, but telling President Trump that he must hang out with him. Oh, the audacity of this loser.

First, I ask that you issue a press release in similar fashion that corrects the information and also encourages people to support what I have requested in the audit. Second, you owe me a round of golf at the club of your choice.

He’s not finished there.

I write this as I am about to board a plane due to a family medical emergency. In addition to my Trump socks, I will pull up my Trump/Pence mask when I board the plane, as required by federal law. I figure, if the liberals are going to force me to wear a mask, I am going to make it as painful for them as possible. I will continue to do this regardless of whether or not I ever hear from you.

Typical leftist move, virtue-signaling his good graces. Who cares that he’s wearing his Trump socks and throwing a middle finger to the mask mandates? Nobody. That’s what he ought to be doing.

Wisconsin is one of several swing states where President Trump was far ahead on election night and then a combination of factors including pristine ballots were dumped into the totals and swung the state to dementia patient Joe Biden.

We also know that hundreds of thousands of votes were made by individuals who claimed to be indefinitely confined. nearly 200,000 more than in 2016.  These individuals don’t need to provide an ID they just need to declare themselves indefinitely confined.  No doubt a review of these individuals would also come up with more than 20,000 Biden ballots that were not people indefinitely confined.  Unfortunately, the state never decided to perform this review.

via thegatewaypundit

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