Trump, Bo Snerdley on Rush and The Steal

On Friday, James Golden, aka Bo Snerdley of the inimitable Rush Limbaugh show, interviewed Donald J. Trump on his podcast on WABC New York.

First of all, I should say that James Golden would have been the best "replacement" for Rush there could be. No one knew him better. No one knew his heart better. This interview was proof. Absolute proof.

Everyone should tune in to Golden's podcast. If you miss Rush, you will find yourself hooked.

This was the perfect interview for a time like this.

Among the things they talked about was the Big Steal. They talked about many topics – systematically, in well-organized fashion. It's all there. You must hear it! Vintage stuff – you will think you are listening to Rush. Big voice and all.

Now, with that being said, let me give you some highlights. Listen to the interview instead of listening to Joe Biden ramble on mindlessly on any subject as long as he remains an impostor president:

James Golden: I've never heard you go off on anybody, or attack anybody, out of the blue. You have responded to people saying things about you. And unlike typical Republicans who put their tails between their legs and run away and cower from it, you fight back, just as the average New Yorker does. We're not going to take this crap from people. We fight back. So I don't think there's a damn thing wrong with your personality. I love you. The American people love you for it. We're glad you fight back because you fight for us.

President Trump: I appreciate it. I appreciate you. Our great friend Rush was so angry about that rigged election. It's all coming out now. He wasn't afraid to say it. … The single biggest thing that people want to talk about is the rigged election. … It's being exposed now big time in Arizona, Georgia and elsewhere. Numbers that are determinative. Big, big numbers. Overthrow numbers. Big numbers like nobody's ever seen. And it's all coming out. … People say, "Let's not talk about it. Let's look to the future." Well, the same thing's going to happen in the future if you don't correct it. … That election was won at 10:30 in the evening; it was all over. Then they closed up all the counting areas. … Then they miraculously found hundreds of thousands of votes in the swing states. … It was a rigged election. … Most people know that to be true.

Golden: Yesterday was the last day of the Rush Limbaugh show. What do you think will be his legacy?

Trump: Freedom and courage. He had guts. Rush Limbaugh would talk about anything that was appropriate to talk about. … Rush had tremendous courage. And tremendous principle. And if he believed in something, he'd talk about it. … Sean Hannity is great, a great guy, a great person. Sean says it's a great voice that can never, ever be replaced. … I used to say, who can replace Rush? And the fact is nobody can ever replace him. He was a courageous person. And he loved our country.

Golden: On behalf of all us who worked with Rush and his millions of fans, I want to thank you for awarding him with the Medal of Freedom. … Only you could do that and make all of the Democrats show up for the ceremony. Thanks for that – it was a beautiful night.

Trump: That was a great evening. One side was going crazy in a positive way. The other side was dead silent. But you know what? You looked in the eyes of those the other side – they knew he deserved it. They knew it. As much as they disagreed with him, and I don't know why anyone would – he was for a strong military and low taxes. … They got it. And giving it to him was his greatest honor and giving it there … it was quite a night.

Quite a night, indeed.

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