HarrisX Poll: 30 Percent of GOP Voters Believe Trump Will Be Reinstated in ’21

Thirty percent of GOP voters believe it is "likely" former President Donald Trump will be reinstated as president, according to The Hill-HarrisX poll.

While a portion of Republicans support the idea, the majority of voters believe it is unlikely Trump will be reinstated.

In The Hill-HarrisX poll, 70% of Republicans remained doubtful Trump could make a return to the Oval Office, along with 74% of independents and 87% of Democrats.

However, 26% of independent voters disagreed, saying it is likely Trump will be reinstated, while 13% of Democrats said the same.

Still, there is no constitutional mechanism that would allow a former president to take over a sitting president's position. The results of the Electoral College were certified by Congress in January.

The Hill-HarrisX poll was conducted online with 942 registered voters. Its margin of error, according to The Hill, is plus or minus 3.19 percentage points.

via newsmax

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