Liz Harrington: Ready to Help Trump Fight for the Nation

Former President Donald Trump's new spokesperson Liz Harrington, who he named earlier this week to replace Jason Miller, tells Newsmax that Trump is "ready to get back out there" and she is ready to fight for the United States. 

"We're in serious peril right now, you see, from the border to energy independence, to inflation, from critical race theories; so many issues," Harrington, who is a former spokesperson for the National Republican Committee, told Newsmax's "National Report." "(They are) really tearing at the heart of our nation. We have to get back out there and I couldn't be more honored to serve in this position and help the president in any way I can."

Trump, when announcing Harrington's new post earlier this week, called her a "fighter" and said she was an "important part of our receiving more votes than any incoming president in U.S. history, far more than we received for the first time we won."

The former president will kick off his rallies on June 26 at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Ohio, and Harrington said it's important to start the rallies again now because "we really can't wait until 2022" and said the rally is important.

The rally is being held in support of GOP candidate Max Miller, who is running in Ohio's highly contested 16th Congressional District race, who is running against incumbent Rep. Anthony Gonzalez.

Harrington Friday said Miller is running against "one of the 10 Benedict Arnolds in the House who sided with the Democrats and were a disgrace to our party" during Trump's second impeachment."

She also said it is important to "hold all politicians in Washington who have sold out our interests to Communist China, to the swamp, to everything but the American people" accountable, so the Trump team will be speaking about the critical issues that are going on.

The team will also be at the southern border on June 30, as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have failed to visit "because they have given it away to the drug cartels. If you see what's happening, we've lost our sovereignty. There's human trafficking. There's drug trafficking, and this is an absolute disgrace. And if we're losing our sovereignty, what are we as a country, so that's going to be a very important visit as well."

She also slammed the positive coverage of Biden's trip to Europe, calling the media reports "worse than Pravda," the former official Soviet Union newspaper.

"This is just embarrassing," said Harrington. "Everyone could see with their own eyes Joe Biden was a bumbling mess. He confused Syria with Libya three times. He didn't have an answer for 30 seconds on Putin. It was totally incoherent, and more importantly, he sold out our interests and we got nothing out of that meeting."

Trump, she added, feels that the meeting was a good day for Russia, not the United States.

"It was supposed to go on for five hours, but of course, Joe Biden could only go about three. And what do the American people get? Putin has his pipeline now that President Trump blocked for four years ... he gave Putin a target list, 16 areas of critical infrastructure that they can go ahead and try to hack."

Meanwhile, Trump has published an article on Real Clear Politics about getting "divisive and radical theories" out of American schools.

"That's why he established the 1776 Commission, which was absolutely fantastic," she said. "You can download the reports online. You can use it for curriculums. It was so important. President Trump really believes that we have to teach what's so special and great about our country or otherwise, we're going to lose it."

via newsmax

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