Law Firm Accused of Firing Pro-Trump Partners and Employees

Three former employees of a Minneapolis law firm are alleging that the firm’s president wrongfully fired them due to his belief that they were supporters of former President Trump.

William Kain, Margaret Henehan and Kelsey Quarberg, who were all partners at St.Cloud-based Kain and Scott law firm, filed a lawsuit against law firm president Wesley Scott alleging that he sought to fire employees he believed shared pro-Trump posts on social media, according to the Star Tribune.

The outlet reported that Scott is accused of telling the law firm’s operation manager to fire two employees he deemed to be racist because they were Trump supporters. When she refused, Scott fired her as well as another employee, the suit claims.

Kain, Henehan and Quarberg allege in the lawsuit that Scott’s actions came as a result of his outrage over the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Scott is also accused of calling the police to remove Quarberg from the building and telling other employees that the partners were violating “everything that is dear to us and I won’t let that happen,” The Associated Press reported.

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