Trump was a narcissist? Kamala is giving journalists cookies that look like her

The establishment media were literally fed by the monster they created when Vice President Kamala Harris distributed cookies made in her image and likeness to journalists aboard Air Force Two on Sunday.

Being a Democratic politician, Harris has been universally praised and propped up by a sycophantic media, and they were rewarded over the weekend with a cringey confection iced to look like a faceless version of the vice president.

"@vp made an OTR visit to the back of the plane and delivered cookies decorated with the shape of her likeness as well as AF2," Courtney Subramanian of USA Today tweeted with a photo of the treat.

Harris and the press were headed for an ill-fated trip to Guatemala Sunday, so it's possible these were distributed as part of that visit.

Many on the right poked fun at such unabashed arrogance of the gesture and admonished her for doing so on the 77th anniversary D-Day invasion, which the administration failed to acknowledge at all.

While all politicians are notoriously narcissistic, Harris took it to a whole new level with this rendering of herself in sugar, though it's hard to blame her for not seeing it that way given the fawning treatment she and President Joe Biden receive.

Though former President Donald Trump was known for plastering his buildings with his name in gilded letters, he never was so delusional as to assume that anyone -- let alone the media -- would want his likeness for dessert.

Trump was proud of the things he built and the valuable brand he established, and he had every right to acknowledge those achievements.

Still, he was the favorite subject of armchair professionals who would diagnose Trump as a narcissist from afar, eventually giving rise to the condition as a diagnosis du jour in pop psychology.

Trump was a subject of pieces in The Atlantic and Vanity Fair musing on the state of his psychological health around the time of his electoral win over Hillary Clinton, an event which sent many on the left into their own mental breakdowns.

Trump's niece Mary Trump became a media darling for her tell-all book that advanced their narrative on his mental health.

Of course, it was projection by the talking heads in the establishment media to accuse him of what they are or, colloquially, a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

But whatever the state of Trump's self-image, it's nothing compared to this self-aggrandizing gesture that Harris has considered a thoughtful gesture -- and she isn't alone in this.

Former President Barack Obama suffered from the same hubris when he gave Queen Elizabeth II an iPod loaded up with his own speeches in favor of the usual dignified gifts given to British dignitaries.

But because Harris and Obama are like spoiled children who are constantly praised and indulged by the people around them, they have no self-awareness to see how obviously ridiculous and humiliating this is to those not joining in the chorus of praise.

Sure it's just a cookie, but the media has created this narcissistic monster with their unquestioning cult-like devotion to another opportunistic radical politician like Harris -- so maybe it's fitting that they would have to consume her likeness in some perverse secular version of holy communion.

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