Donald Trump: America’s survival depends on midterm elections

Former President Donald Trump painted a stark picture of Joe Biden's America on Saturday, and called for Republicans to save the nation by ending the Democratic stranglehold on Congress.

"As we gather tonight, our country is being destroyed before our very own eyes," Trump said as he spoke at the North Carolina Republican convention.

"Crime is exploding. Police departments are being ripped apart and defunded. Can you believe that? Is that good politics, defund our police? Number one, it’s bad for our country, but think of it, defund our police. You know, I’ve long said [leftists are] vicious, they’re violent. They in many cases, hate our country and they have bad policy," Trump said.

"You look at our border, is wide open. Illegal immigration is skyrocketing at a level that we’ve never seen before, and this is over a period of a few months. Drugs are pouring in. Gas prices are soaring. Our industries are being pillaged by foreign cyber attacks. That’s a lack of respect for our country and for our leaders."

"Speaking of our leaders, they’re bowing down to China. America is being demeaned and humiliated on the world stage. Our freedom is being overtaken by left-wing cancel culture, and the Biden administration is pushing toxic critical race theory and illegal discrimination into our children’s schools," he said.

Trump said it is time to push back, hard.

"Now you tell me, we take this? Joe Biden and the socialist Democrats are the most radical left-wing administration in history. Even Bernie Sanders can’t believe it. He said, 'I can’t believe this happened. This is worse than I ever was,'" he said.

"I don’t know if they even know what the hell they’re signing. Somebody is drawing these documents and putting it, and it’s getting signed. It’s a disgrace what’s happening to our country."

Trump said voters alone can save America.

"The survival of America depends upon our ability to elect Republicans at every level, starting with the midterms next year. We have to get it done. We have to get it done. We have no choice, actually. We have to get it done," he said.

"Together, we’re going to defend our freedoms. You just take a look at what’s happening. We have to defend our borders. We have to do all of these things and the cancel culture, the defunding culture, the defending culture and they defend the wrong things, we’re not going to let it go any longer. Going to stand up for our values."

"We have to stand up for our values, and we’re going to take back our country and we’re going to take it back at a level that is very, very good for our country and it’s good for citizens because we can’t allow bad things to happen to our country. Bad, bad things are happening to us, perhaps like never before. You’ll be seeing what goes on and perhaps like never before," he added.

Trump called for opposition to the tax increases President Joe Biden is seeking to fund his infrastructure plan.

"Democrats are now attempting to pass the largest tax hike in American history and it will affect everybody. They’re saying it’s against the rich. It’s against everybody. A lot of the rich will take off to go to other countries. A lot of the companies that I brought back are going to leave and go back to other countries where they can not have to pay all of their profits out in taxes. They’re talking about the biggest tax hike in history by far," he said.

Trump said the goal of the plan was to "satisfy the far-left agenda of AOC, Bernie Sanders, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar, who is telling us how to run our country. It’s a great experience. She comes from a country that’s done a wonderful job running their country. Now, she’s telling us how to run our country. While Democrats push economic policies designed to punish American workers, Republicans must keep on fighting to protect, promote, and uplift the American worker who we cherish."

Trump also slid in mockery of Biden.

"I don’t even think Biden is the dictator. If anybody knows who the hell is running that operation, could you let us know? Because I don’t think it’s Joe. but who the hell knows maybe it is. Maybe it is," he said.

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