Trump on Lab-Leak Hypothesis during NC GOP Convention: ‘China Must Pay’

During the 2021 North Carolina GOP state convention, former President Donald Trump condemned China as the culprit that unleashed the deadly coronavirus on the globe, ravaging populations and economies.

Trump referenced the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its record of deception and dishonesty, noting that he believes the state bears responsibility for inflicting damage and destruction on the world via COVID. “We need to declare in one unified voice that China must pay,” Trump said.

The former president also slammed Dr. Fauci for his contradictory health guidance over the past year, claiming that he erred on multiple predictions and recommended protocols.

“He’s been wrong on almost every issue, and he was wrong on Wuhan and the lab also,” Trump remarked. He insisted that Fauci only back-tracked on his disapproval of the COVID travel ban implemented under the Trump administration after he realized closing the border was the right decision that “saved thousand of lives.” Trump criticized Fauci’s flip-flopping on mask-wearing, in which he started anti-mask but then became a “radical masker.”

Trump made multiple statements nodding to the lab-leak theory that has suddenly earned renewed mainstream acceptance and popularity. Formerly dismissed by social media, supposed public-health experts, and the scientific community at large as a conspiracy theory, the laboratory- accident hypothesis gained traction again after a chain of telling discoveries. Such developments included the evidence that the United States funded gain-of-function research in China and the Wall Street Journal’s reporting that three scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were hospitalized in November 2019 with symptoms associated with COVID.

Trump referred to the dissidents and questioners whose voices were suppressed and silenced to maintain the status quo consensus in the CDC and other agencies on COVID’s purported natural source. While asserting his staunch belief in the lab-leak explanation, Trump reiterated that the Chinese regime predominately caused the billions of dollars of damage and millions of lost lives now recorded.

“Fauci has never been more wrong then when he denied where the virus came from,” Trump concluded.

The former president implored Republican lawmakers to take immediate action to levy steep tariffs on China, urging all nations to “work together to present China with a bill for trillions of dollars to compensate for damage.”

Trump revealed that he believes his once-famous trade deal with the quasi-authoritarian state has left an inconsequential legacy given the havoc COVID wrought. “The trade deal is so tiny compared to the devastation that’s been caused,” he said.

He ended by lambasting the Biden administration for pandering and capitulating to the Chinese government by discounting the lab-leak claims and discontinuing the inquiries into them that Trump started. “Instead of holding China accountable, the Biden administration shut down investigation into the origin of the virus,” Trump said.

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