‘AHH S**T, WE FAILED’ Trump mocks Dems inability to ‘GET’ Trump

Former* President Donald Trump spoke tonight at the NC GOP convention, and it was a lot of his greatest hits and some new material. Just the concert so many were hoping for.

At one point, he hilariously mocked the Democrats multiple failed attempts to “get Trump” and used a no-no word to do it! I laughed.

“Between the impeachment hoax number one, impeachment hoax number two, all of these investigations. Ahhh, sh*t, we failed,” he said, mocking their impotence. “Let’s send it to the radical left prosecutors in New York. Maybe they can have more luck. ”

“There’s no better example of the Democrat and media corruption than the 2020 election hoax.

But he made a good point too. Listen.

“They’ll never stop until November 2024.” That’s right, and probably not then either. They will keep trying and trying and trying to get Trump.

Because they know that’s how to get YOU.

via therightscoop

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