Children Taught “MAGA” is “Covert White Supremacy”

“They use tax dollars to target white children and target entire demographic groups as being evil.” 

As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton recently discussed in the Judicial Watch Weekly Update, new documents obtained from Maryland’s Montgomery County School District reveal “outrageous classes in critical race theory that are promoting the worst of the worst in terms of racism and anti-Americanism.” The teaching material, as Fitton explained, uses a “white supremacy pyramid” to instruct children on the allegedly wide-spread, institutionalized prevalence of white supremacy, making a series of what he has defined as “objectionable” and “immoral” claims. In Fitton’s words, the material appears to suggest that “if you see yourself as an ally of minorities, you’re a white supremacist,” and that  “Make America Great Again is an example of covert white supremacy.” Among other things, the teaching material also instructs children that “anti-immigration policies are white supremacist,” that the “Celebration of Columbus Day” is racist, and that “claiming that whites are targeted by racism, is racism.”

As Fitton explained, the material reflects the view that “white supremacy is the modus operandi of the vast majority of institutions in the United States.” Believing that “there’s no such thing as a non-racist or race neutral policy,” the course material reflects what Fitton has described as a “communist, revolutionary approach.”

In addition to describing the curriculum as “objectionable” and “immoral,” Fitton argued that the material “shows extremists have access to our schools and are willing … to advance a dangerous, divisive and likely illegal agenda.” Citing Judicial Watch’s lawsuit on behalf of the Massachusetts High School coach, David Flynn, Fitton concluded in stating that “Judicial Watch is doing what it can to stand against this. We’re exposing it, we’re defending those that are punished for exposing it and criticizing it. … We’re going to use our God-given talents to defend the rule of law and our republican way of life.”

If you’re concerned about critical race theory in our nation’s schools, read, share and support our work today.

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