CNN admits source saying Trump doesn’t believe he’ll be reinstated this year

Earlier this week the MSM went wild in reporting that Trump has been telling people that he believes he’ll be reinstated this year as president. I intentionally ignored the story because, honestly, I didn’t believe it to be true because I don’t trust the New York Times, which is the paper who reported it. Also the media is so hard up for Trump’s stories that it’s not beyond them to just make it up out of whole cloth.

And even though NRO’s Charles Cooke claims to have corroborated the reporting, I still had my doubts. Also, this is a great point by Rich Baris on the ‘corroboration’:


Fast forward to tonight, when CNN’s Jim Acosta admitted that he has a ‘well-placed source’ telling him that Trump doesn’t really believe this:

DC EXAMINER – Acosta reported to CNN anchor Erin Burnett that Trump “believes it” and “thinks that there is some chance that he could somehow be reinstated as president, somehow this year.” But he went on to talk about a “well-placed source” familiar with conversations Trump has had about the far-flung theory who cast doubt on the notion that the former president is convinced he’ll take the Oval Office back from President Joe Biden this year.

I’m told by one source — one well-placed source familiar with these conversations — he’s [Trump has] been asking, ‘What do you think of this theory?’ And what this one adviser told me is that he’s been told it’s not true,” Acosta said. “Now, this adviser, who is familiar with these conversations, went on to say that it doesn’t appear that Trump really believes that he could somehow be reinstated or assume the presidency later on this year.”

There you go. Trump was probably just asking what people think about it in jest, not really believing it to be true. Yet the media just ran with it because they need more insane Trump stories to sell papers and ads. Another day, another fake news Trump story.

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