Trump Trolls Former GOP Rep. Comstock After Insult

After former Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, R, Va., joked on "Meet the Press" about Republicans not missing former President Donald Trump if he were to disappear tomorrow, the former President issued a statement going back after her.

Comstock said that "I understand Republicans want to get away from Donald Trump. I mean, if Donald Trump disappeared tomorrow, I don't think you'd have many Republicans in the search party, right? Maybe a few prosecutors, but not Republicans. So they want to get away from him, but the problem is he's not going to go away.”

In turn, Trump released a statement reading, “RINO Former Congresswoman Barbara Comstock of Virginia, who lost her race conclusively to someone she should have easily beaten, now goes around telling Republicans how to get elected. She had no problems being with me while in the Oval Office, or when she needed something. She and other RINO losers like Mitt Romney, Little Ben Sasse, Lisa Murkowski, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and Karl Rove are what’s really wrong with the Republican Party, not the great MAGA Republicans, Conservatives, and Patriots!”

Posted next to Trump’s statement is a picture of Trump sitting in the Oval Office, with Comstock standing behind him.

Comstock lost her re-election bid in 2018 for Virginia's 10th district to Democrat Jennifer Wexton.

via newsmax

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