Six Trump Policies That Biden Ran Against, But Now Endorses

In this installment of our weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative reveal six campaign issues for which Biden hammered Trump in the debates and general campaign – but has resumed or explicitly supported.

#6: Joe Biden sells billions of dollars worth of drones to countries around the world.

Parker: This article is focusing on six blatant backwalks by President(*) Biden. They are a net positive for America, but the point is to highlight the left’s lies and fake attacks against President Trump, not celebrate any current achievements. From the outset, we need to squash the trying-to-become-mainstream idea that Biden and Trump are interchangeable on major policy issues. Just…no. We are writing this article to point out the stupidity of voters that eat up leftist lies on the campaign trail – and really every other waking moment of their ignorant lives. Basically Democrat voters are helpless.

Now that we settled the premise, let’s dive in.

For the first hypocritical policy, Joe Biden’s administration is maintaining a very lucrative deal with foreign governments for sales of armed drones. Admittedly, this one wasn’t initially on my radar (the top spots are far more obvious), but it was interesting to perform a quick query on search engines with keywords like “Biden keep Trump policy” or “Biden same policy Trump.” (For the record, nouns and verbs are way more valuable than prepositions – that’s why the verbiage sounds like Javier Jacinto, the recent college graduate who spent more time whining about a free education in the best country in the world than learning English. My entire first page linked to articles on admittedly left-wing outlets that share the same message: Joe Biden campaigned on peace, and presumably more appeasement a la Barack Obama’s Muslim apology tour circa 2009, and yet here he is putting a hold on a Cold War-era policy limiting the sales of armaments to certain countries. As it stands, the United States can basically offer these drones to any country in the world with whom they please.

Is this a bad thing? Of course not. There should be more drones everywhere to stop countries like Iran, Syria, North Korea, or China from getting too comfortable. We were reminded that Israel can’t have too many drones. In fact, there probably isn’t a number high enough that would make me think they have too many. One drone for every Palestinian in Gaza might be appropriate. Be that as it may, Joe Biden continues to remind intelligent people that everything Democrats campaign on is a lie. This shouldn;t surprise anyone; after all, as vice president his administration utilized drones to carry out more airstrikes than any other in history, including vaporizing an innocent wedding party and lying endlessly about it.

#5: Tariffs: Prior to the election, Biden said “America’s farmers have been crushed by [Trump’s] tariff war with China. He thinks he’s being tough. Well, it’s easy to be tough when someone else is feeling the pain. ”

PF: Biden was adamantly opposed to tariffs prior to Election Day, and he liked to paint himself as the wise, old legislator with decades of experience in the Senate. Good ole’ Joe knew better when it came to handling China, or the European Union, or anyone else. Joe was from the swamp, and Trump was just a novice. But it turned out that not only was Trump correct on tariffs he was absolutely masterful with his broader foreign policy strategies. We can only hope that in addition to Biden recognizing the wisdom of situational tariffs, he also sees the brilliance of Trump’s Middle East, NATO, and North Korea policies.

Not only has Biden embraced the tariff tactic, some are suggesting he be given the nickname “Tariff Man.” Those same tariffs that Biden claimed were crushing American farmers are still in place. All of them. Biden’s own Commerce Secretary has praised the Trump tariffs on China; but it’s not just the Chinese. Biden still has tariffs on goods from around the globe on a variety of commodities, including both steel and whiskey in the EU.

The reality is, tariffs work, and I actually give credit to Biden for recognizing that fact. Granted, Biden doesn’t even know he’s president, so it was probably someone in his cabinet, but they’re doing the right thing nonetheless. Call them protectionist, call them what you want, but tariffs are effective, particularly when we’re dealing with other nations who treat us unfairly. Tariffs can level the playing field, and they’re an effective cudgel if used properly. But while I give Biden credit for switching gears, why did he lie about tariffs in the first place? Anyone could see Trump’s policies were working, so why did he trash them? Because he has no scruples, that’s why, and he would have done anything to get elected. He’s a lyin’ dog-faced pony soldier, that’s all.

#4: Joe Biden resumed construction of the Border Wall.

Parker: On his first day in office, among the dictatorial flurry of executive order signings, Joe Biden halted construction of more border wall along the Texas-Mexico human trafficking highway. The result has been nothing short of chaotic inhumanity. Kids are in cages detention facilities in record numbers and border crossings in general are at record highs. Sexually-exploited women, sexually-abused minors, drugs, and Covid are among the awful things passing through the porous southern entryway.

I thought these were all bad things, but what do I know? The media hasn’t told me to think otherwise yet. Oh wait, it has on Covid. We should care a lot about Covid, just not when it looks like 10% positive rates among imported/future Democrats.

After months of relentless crossings and no sightings of border czar Kamala Harris, the rest of the Biden administration finally resumed, albeit quietly and without fanfare, construction of several miles of critical walls that Trump had initiated. Remember when $5 billion seemed like a lot of money? Me too.

The border wall has to be built. In a perfect world, there would be a wall stretching from the Pacific coast of California all the way to the Gulf of Mexico coast in Texas. For good measure, there would be moats on either side of a wall that had broken glass and barbed wire atop a twenty-foot structure. It would be impenetrable. Only lunatics are against a border wall. This is a good thing that Biden reversed course – good for America, that is – but it is four months and hundreds of thousands of future voters too late. Biden and the entire left played politics with our safety and sovereignty.

Can you imagine the fake outrage that would have been screamed these past four months if Trump had never stopped building a wall? And now there is utter silence.

#3: Fixing COVID: In a speech on October 23rd, Biden said in a speech, “We don’t have to be held prisoner [with COVID] by this administration’s failures. We can choose a different path.”

PF: Choose a different path? And what path might that be, Mr. President? From the get-go, this was just a farce. The fact is, Biden never even bothered to propose a different approach to COVID, he only talked like he had. He stated, “Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president” during the campaign, but what has Biden done differently?

The only discernible difference with COVID policy between the Biden Administration and the Trump Administration is masks. Biden has been more forceful in his support for masks and has talked them up much more enthusiastically. That’s it. That’s the only difference. Masks were already being worn all over the country before Biden came into office. Reluctantly perhaps, but Americans were wearing them everywhere. The idea of a federal mask mandate never took off because it would have been unconstitutional. But even in states that imposed mask mandates, in most cases their COVID deaths-per-million results were worse than states without mandates.

So, what has Biden done differently? Has he developed new treatments? Has he shut down borders? The vaccination trends stayed the same as with Trump, so what has he done with COVID?

The most ridiculous aspect of Biden’s COVID response was his taking credit for the increase in COVID vaccinations. It’s absurd. On January 19th, Trump’s last day in office, there were approximately one million Americans who received shots that day, and the trend had been on a steady rise due to the ongoing Operation Warp Speed and its vaccination implementation plan. Biden then unveiled his bold plan to achieve “one hundred vaccinations in my first one hundred days.” That math is pretty easy, even for me. If you’re already vaccinating one million per day, and your plan is to vaccinate one hundred million in your first one hundred days, then you can do nothing and still get that same result. And that’s exactly what Joe Biden has done to fight COVID. Nothing.

#2: As a candidate, Joe Biden benefited from media suppression of the relationship between Covid and a lab leak. As president, he suddenly wants to look into the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s role in the pandemic.

Parker: I’ll continue with your Covid nonsense. In one of the most egregious institutional flip flops (and that’s saying a lot – we are not bereft of examples of just Tony Fauci reversing course), the media establishment and political elite are open to the idea of exploring the possibility of a man-made lab leak from a Chinese research facility. Last year, prominent Republicans and news organizations were suspended or blocked from social media sites for even just suggesting that Covid might have come from someplace other than a dirty Chinese wet market. Notice that they weren’t declaring; they just wanted to keep the door open. Between the Covid origins cover up and Hunter Biden laptop alone, how does anyone trust Big Tech and Big Media? That’s a serious question. Even if someone aligned with the left, those are big voids in truth to address.

President Trump’s second term was interrupted by two frauds: The dishonest reporting of everything related to Covid (cases, origins, treatments, vaccines, public measures, etc.) and the dishonest counting of votes in the election. In terms of Covid, the Democrat swamp creatures cozied up to the Chinese Communist Party so much that Eric Swalwell was literally in bed with them. The campaign to take down Trump consisted of lying about everything. Now that Trump is out of office, Covid can slowly be explained.

PCR cycle thresholds? Lower them.

Wearing masks after getting a vaccine? Discontinue.

Locking down society? Open it up.

Covid origins? Explore the role of the Wuhan Institute.

All of these issues have been known about for over a year, and yet the American public was abused. The only thing more tragic than the abuse of the public was the public’s willingness to take the abuse.

#1: Kids in Cages: Biden ran against “Kids in cages”, going so far as calling Trump’s policy “criminal,” meanwhile he’s been using those same detention facilities with even more children being detained.

PF: There is no easy solution when it comes to unaccompanied minors arriving at our border. We have 12-year-olds showing up without a legal guardian, what are we supposed to do? Just walk them out the front door, shake their hand and say, “Good luck?” The situation is both heartbreaking and disturbing, and the government of Mexico should ultimately be the ones held accountable for allowing the situation in the first place.

Normally, I’d be inclined to give President Biden a pass and allow him some time to fix it. But Biden and Democrats politicized this exact same situation when it was Trump’s problem, and they were relentless. Biden doesn’t get a pass because he doesn’t deserve one. This was one of his top campaign issues. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was perhaps the most disingenuous, showing up at the border and crying at the site of the detention centers, blaming President Trump’s inhumanity. But she wasn’t alone, and Biden was right there with AOC and the rest when it came to rhetoric.

Here we are, over four months into Biden’s presidency, and not only is the “kids in cages” problem not fixed, it’s worse; much worse. The facilities have surged to eight-times their capacity. Kids are in those exact same facilities, only now they’re not called “cages” anymore, naturally. And Biden felt the problem was bad enough that he appointed Vice-President Harris as border czar, but she hasn’t even been to the border. She’s done nothing.

If the problem was so bad that you made it a central issue for your campaign, why didn’t you have a plan ready to implement from day one, President Biden? If things were so dire under Trump that we had moronic legislators fly down there to sob, how could you allow the situation to grow exponentially as it has, Democrats?

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