Rudy Giuliani: ‘Projection’ Has Dems Targeting Trump, Lawyers

Striking back at the targeting of former President Donald Trump and the raiding of his lawyers, Rudy Giuliani on Newsmax called out the "projection" of Democrats trying to get Trump for all the things they have done themselves.

"Projection, Greg," Giuliani told Monday's "Greg Kelly Reports," referring to the criminality he saw on the Hunter Biden laptop he has in his possession – and FBI agents refused to take when they raided him earlier this year.

"I didn't realize it until I went to the hard drive. Everything they charged Trump with, they did. The corruption with Russia? Who got money from Russia? Not Trump.

"Hillary got all that money for letting them have really what's atomic fuel. You don't sell atomic fuel to Russia."

Giuliani then referred to the allegations Hunter Biden himself was given "$3.5 million from the mayor of Moscow's wife."

"It's a crime family," Giuliani told host Greg Kelly.

"That's why they go after me, because I'm gonna tell you the truth. It's the Biden crime family: 30 years of shaking people down and selling his office. They accumulated millions. That's disgusting.

"Worst than that, though, is everybody knows it and they get away with it – 3.5 million from Russia? You think that might have affected his decision on the pipeline?"

Giuliani suggested there could be even more to the story with the Bidens and Russia.

"If I have the hard drive – one, right – what do you think Russia has on them?" Giuliani said.

Giuliani noted Hunter Biden's laptop also incriminated him for falsifying a background check form, denying he was a drug user just five days after visual evidence on the laptop showed him doing drugs.

"I've got pictures of him taking drugs five days before," Giuliani said. "Yeah, that's a 10-year federal felony, which we treat very seriously. In fact, liberals want you to treat that seriously, right? You want to keep guns away from drug addicts, mentally ill, and criminals, right? Well, they didn't do it with Hunter.

"Hunter violated the law. That form is there and the FBI is going like this," Giuliani said covering his face and eyes on the New York studio set Monday with Kelly, the son of the former New York City Police Commissioner.

Giuliani noted the FBI raided him and seized his electronics – except for the Hunter Biden laptop he said he begged them to take.

"The only lawyers whose offices get searched are Donald Trump's lawyers," Giuliani lamented.

"I'm trying to find another lawyer who has been searched. I never did it.

"They're doing things to me that I would never do, because they're unconstitutional."

Giuliani, who not been charged in any crime, told Kelly the only reason he was targeted was because he was defending the president.

"No, I'm not in trouble," he told Kelly. "I mean, the only thing I have to face there's a bunch of prosecutors who don't seem to be bound by the law.

"I guess I'm a fighter, and I ultimately believe that if you didn't do anything wrong, they can't frame you. I mean, that's why I represented Donald Trump. I represented Donald Trump because he was an innocent man being accused of things he didn't do.

"And I find that abhorrent."

As legal expert Alan Dershowitz has often told Newsmax in his appearances, it is very difficult challenge for a lawyer to prove a negative – something someone did not do.

"I find that's the highest role for a lawyer to do," Giuliani added. "The hardest thing to do is to represent an innocent man – great pressure."

The politicization and weaponization of the Justice Department began under former President Barack Obama and then-Attorney General Eric Holder, Giuliani concluded.

"I believe it happened somewhere in the Obama-Holder [era]," Giuliani said. "Holder was a very, very political AG. There was a lot of prejudicial cases and unfair cases against conservatives but nobody wanted to hear it."

via newsmax

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