In the Great Depression, Americans worked for government checks

(THE FEDERALIST) – To celebrate another $1,400 in stimulus checks, a quickly withdrawn video from Wisconsin Democrats showed people dancing to a catchy rap song with captions of “$$$ IN THE POCKET” and “THANK YOU POTU$.” As Joy Pullmann noted, its release on the same day abysmal job numbers came out was a testament to Democrats’ blindness to economic reality. It also attested to our culture’s devolving expectation of something for nothing.

America has definitely changed. Juxtapose that video with images from the sand-dusted, poverty-stricken Great Depression of the 1930s, and it begs the question: What would these hungry, hardscrabble folks say, the ones who got a check only by signing up to build parks, roads, bridges, dams and many other public works projects in exchange?

A generation ago, they made money the old-fashioned way: they earned it.

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