Poll: Voters Favor Donald Trump over Kamala Harris in 2024

A McLaughlin & Associates poll found voters would support former President Donald Trump over Vice President Kamala Harris in the 2024 general election, should they both receive their respective party’s nomination.

Hypothetically, those surveyed were asked to look ahead and decide how they would “vote in the general election for president between Donald Trump, the Republican candidate and Kamala Harris, the Democrat candidate” in 2024. Forty-nine percent of respondents stated they would vote for Trump, while 45 percent said they would vote for Harris. Independent voters also suggested they would support the Republican nominee, with 49 percent signaling support for Trump.

Asked if Trump “won the Republican nomination for President, would you vote for him in the 2024 general election,” 80 percent of Hispanic Republican primary voters said yes, while only 20 percent said no.

via joemiller

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