The GOP’s Special Trump-Loyalty Test


During the debate over Representative Liz Cheney’s role in leadership, there were plenty of arguments offered as to why her ouster wasn’t really about her refusal to accept the stolen-election narrative. But Elise Stefanik’s defeat of Chip Roy in the race to replace Cheney as conference chair removed any doubt that there is currently a very special Trump-loyalty test within the Republican Party.

There were no serious doubts about Roy’s conservatism. He has a 96 percent lifetime score with Heritage Action compared with Stefanik, the liberal-leaning New Yorker, who has a lifetime score of 48 percent. Of course, Cheney had a lifetime score of 98 percent, so we already knew this had nothing to do with conservative voting records.

But many people who argued in favor of Cheney’s ouster suggested that there were other issues at play, other than her position on the 2020 elections.

One argument was that Cheney’s hawkishness was out of step with the current party, which has taken a more skeptical approach toward interventionism. But Stefanik came out of the neoconservative world, and, when Trump announced plans to withdraw from Afghanistan, Stefanik joined Cheney as one of five original co-sponsors of the “Secure Afghanistan Act” meant to keep troops there. She then boasted about it on Twitter. In contrast, Roy has long advocated withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

Another argument we’ve heard is that members were furious at Cheney for taking the lead in pushing the debunked Russian-bounty story. But Roy was not pushing that story.

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