What’s All the Noise From Long Island? It’s the Pro-Trump Loud Majority

Native Long Islander Shawn Farash went to Shinnecock Inlet one day last September to watch a Trump boat parade. He thought he’d be alone but others showed up to see it as well. Looking around at the small crowd that had gathered, Farash thought to himself, “Not everyone has a boat but everyone has a car. There should be car parades.” The Long Island Loud Majority was born. 

He went to Facebook and organized his first Trump car parade, then another, and another. Each parade got larger, longer. Within 8 weeks or so, the Long Island Loud Majority Facebook page had exploded to 50,000 followers. Then Zuckerboy killed it. You can now find Farash and his 50,000 followers back on TikTok.

By the time of the Oct 25th Long Island Loud Majority “MAGA-Gras” Trump parade, Farash’s army of patriots had grown to a 10,000 vehicle convoy, with no less than 15,000 people, rolling from Suffolk County to Nassau County’s Eisenhower Park, blaring horns, flying thousands of Trump flags and being very loud. Most wore Long Island Loud Majority shirts, hats, and hoodies. The entire parade took 7 hours from start to finish. People on the side of the road waved and cheered. I was a part of the parade and the energy was electric.

Other drivers on the road honked their support and gave thumbs up. Occasionally a man-bunned Nancy-boy would put down his gluten-free chai long enough to throw double birds. I saw a woman in her 70s amble to the road, give an “up yours” gesture and yell, “F*ck OFF,” in true Long Island style.

Farash was interviewed on Fox and Friends that day. Before the segment was finished, President Trump tweeted his gratitude to Farash and all the pro-Trump patriots that he’d led to the park that day.

Farash is charming and immediately likable. That said, he’s not to be messed with. When Long Island’s NBC Channel 12 news asked to do a story about the Long Island Loud Majority, he agreed, as long as they promised to be real journalists, fair and objective. Channel 12 didn’t stick to the agreement. Worse, they made their news piece more about the counter-protesters that showed up.

A week later, Farash and his bullhorn led his people to the Channel 12 station and let them know what he thinks of media outlets that break promises and lie. Hundreds of his people showed up and jeered. Dozens called the Channel 12 tip line and crashed it. The Long Island Loud Majority did what they do best; they were loud.

Farash planned a well-publicized LILM visit to Times Square, knowing that antifa would show up to attack. They did show, but Farash had never intended to go to Times Square and instead took his rally to Trump Tower, thwarting the left-leaning fascist group from causing trouble.

The LILM isn’t just pro-Trump, it’s wildly anti-Cuomo. Farash led a large caravan to Cuomo’s home several times so that they could let the governor know how they feel about elected officials who kill 16,000 elderly people. After one Cuomo-taunting visit, Farash then took his crew to Hillary’s house which was only 8 minutes away. The Majority showed up and jeered her, chanting “Lock her up.” Farash heckled her through his bullhorn, doing a spot-on impression of Trump. Chelsea Clinton tweeted about it, suggesting that Trump’s people should “get over” the 2016 election. Psst, Chelsea, Trump beat your wicked, evil lizard-person of a mom, remember?

Rumor has it Cuomo sold the house immediately after the last visit and took an almost million-dollar loss.

Mr. Farash and his crew held a Toys For Tots Rally before Christmas and they passed out food and water to the needy in AOC’s district. It was a meaningful gesture of goodwill… and a tasty little smack in the face to what’s her name.

Shawn keeps the rallies peaceful. He states, “We are successful because we are positive.”

BLM and antifa don’t play that way. At a rally in Albany, 10 members of BLM showed up looking for trouble. Though the Long Island Loud Majority outnumbered them 400-10, Farash called his people back. Despite their 100% peaceful approach, a member of the Long Island Loud Majority was stabbed, seriously injured, and hospitalized in D.C. on January 6th.

I asked Mr. Farash if he gets death threats.

“All the time” he said, without a hint of fear. ”I’ve been doxxed, I get threatened. I’m on an antifa hit-list. I don’t care. I’m never stopping. Look at it this way, if you’re in Fenway playing for the Yankees and you don’t get booed, you’re not playing hard enough.”

The Long Island Loud Majority doesn’t rest. They support and campaign for some candidates. Lee Zeldin for Gov, Paladino for Dist. 19, and Curtis Sliwa to take the place of de Blasio, if NYC isn’t renamed New Stalingrad before the election.

Long Island has a history of patriotism that goes back to the Revolutionary War. Shawn Farash and his 50,000-strong Long Island Loud Majority are the next generation, and they are just getting started.

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