Adam Kinzinger’s Low-T Never Trump Shtick Is Just Sad

The Liz Cheney drama in the House of Representatives is a huge gift to the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media. It provides them with an excuse to ignore the fact that their 842 quadrillion vote president is an abject failure. Not that they wouldn’t be ignoring it all anyway, it’s just that they now have a shiny object to write and talk about for a while.

I’m not saying that the GOP drama shouldn’t be happening. Quite the contrary: I think Lying Lizzie should have been nuked from leadership at the beginning of the year. And I’m being rather entertained by the spectacle in the media. The concern trolling on for the future of the GOP by the Republican-hating media is amusing in its transparency. They would love nothing more than to have an army of Liz Cheneys in Republican leadership.

The only real downside to this is that the handful of Never Trump people in Congress are getting a lot of face time. Mitt Romney’s name pops up a lot, of course. A perpetually confused Joni Ernst said that Cheney was a victim of cancel culture.

The worst and saddest of the bunch is soy boy Adam Kinzinger. Kinzinger is a Republican from Illinois. Yeah, I didn’t know those still existed either. He’s the Never Trumper who always gets picked last for the team, the weakest of the bunch. He has a voice that makes you want to tell him to shut up the moment he starts speaking, even if you don’t know him.

The Hill wrote on Monday that Kinzinger put on his big boy breeches and, per the headline, “plotted to oust McCarthy after Jan. 6 attack.”

In reality, he had the idea, “it didn’t get much traction,” and he quickly bailed on the attempt.

What follows in the article is typical of the libmedia fever dream about what is going on with Republican leadership in the House. It begins by letting Kinzinger ramble on as if he has the juice to do anything:

“I actually thought the person that should have their leadership challenged was Kevin McCarthy after Jan. 6. Because that’s why this all happened,” Kinzinger said during a Zoom event with the National Press Club.

“I was considering, you know, having a vote of no confidence against Kevin, and our feeling was no, let’s move on. We’re gonna vote to impeach the president; we need to move on,” he said.

The House did vote to impeach Trump, accusing him of inciting the Jan. 6 riot that left several people dead and dozens of police officers injured. Both Kinzinger and Cheney were among the 10 House Republicans who joined Democrats and voted to impeach Trump.

There are 212 Republicans (211 at the time of the impeachment vote) in the House. Only 10 of them decided to jump into the leaking dinghy that is the Good Ship Never Trump these days. Kinzinger goes onto say that he talked to a “close group” of his and that he and his imaginary friends decided that the GOP needed to “heal as a party.”

Republicans in the House picked up seats last year when NOBODY expected them to. Exactly what does Rep. Kinzinger think his caucus needs to heal from? All the unexpected winning?

What the Republicans need to do is take back the House in 2022. You know what hinders that? The Never Trump squishes.

This article is one of a few I’ve read in recent days that claim that there are a lot of anonymous Republicans grumbling about Kevin McCarthy. The media scum who pollute our national political dialog have zero credibility when citing anonymous sources, especially after the last four years.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: every Republican who plays patty cake with the media by saying that an “insurrection” happened on Jan. 6 and that President Trump was behind it is lying, a horrible human being, and a cancer that needs to be surgically removed from the party.

Also, there’s no way Adam Kinzinger has any friends.

via pjmedia

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