Trump’s New Media Platform Has SERIOUS Visibility Issues

The pro-Trump crowd is super-excited about Donald’s new effort to communicate with his followers. There is just one, glaring problem – it won’t work.

Former President Donald Trump launched “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” on his website. The new tech was based on a Brad Parscale technology platform – It’s is so siloed and anti-community that the only people likely to see it are journalists and fanatics.

Parscale is no genius. He screwed Trump into the ground with his audience-counting screw-up.

Brad’s new mess makes it difficult, if not impossible, for Conservative bloggers to share Trump’s most recent messages.

There is no syndication feed (RSS), the “desk” page hides links behind javascript, and there is no other syndication page to allow anyone to promote the messages Trump is posting.

Brad Parscale’s platform is just as closed as Twitter, Facebook or Google – but, this time, it makes Brad money.

via conservativedailynews

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