CRASH: Without Trump, Liberal Media’s Ratings Plunge

Trump was right. 

Without him, liberal cable news ratings are tanking.

According to Nielsen ratings, broadcast and cable news have seen a huge decline in Biden’s first 100 days.

The Hill reported:

Broadcast and cable news ratings, along with website traffic, are all taking a hit in the post-Trump era.

During President Biden’s first 100 days in office, weekly full-day cable ratings for CNN and MSNBC have been trending down, according to statistics from ratings company Nielsen.

Here is the ratings dip by Cable News channel:


Last week of January: 1.3 million

Week ending in April 25th: 868,000


Last week of January: 1.2 million

Week ending in April 25th: 749,000

Fox News:

Last week of January: 1.3 million

Week ending in April 25th: 1.2 million

It isn’t just cable news.

The left-wing’s media web traffic is also falling:

More from The Hill:

The number of total unique viewers is down this year for ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News and NBC News, according to analysis firm Comscore.

Traffic is also down for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, the Los Angeles Times, Reuters, the Boston Globe, Vice, Vox and BuzzFeed.

Trump predicted the fake news media would see their ratings crash after he left office.

Trump sent this tweet out on July 31st, 2018:

The Fake News Media is going CRAZY! They are totally unhinged and in many ways, after witnessing first hand the damage they do to so many innocent and decent people, I enjoy watching. In 7 years, when I am no longer in office, their ratings will dry up and they will be gone!

via thegatewaypundit

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